Hermès with edgy/avant-garde outfits

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  1. I did a search for this topic and nada, so if I missed a thread, mods please merge :heart:

    Like so many of us I have pared my bags down to almost exclusively H. I'm finding one issue - I wear a lot of Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto, Boris Bidjan Saberi, etc., and the more I trend toward this kind of dressing the harder I find it to integrate Hermès bags. I have some scarves that work, and a Kelly works just fine with, say a Rick leather jacket and jeans. But once I am in fully deconstructed black head to toe :P I find a hole in my bag collection. It's as though the timelessness of the designs can't quite relax enough. I know that a Gao or an Initiale or something might work, but I'd like to integrate the classic H shapes.

    I know I'm not the only one here so let's see some mod shots of how you wear your H, especially Kellys, Bs, etc., with more "experimental" fashion! TIA :greengrin:
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  2. I love this idea for a thread! My typical outfit is a RO leather jacket, combat boots and a Constance. I think it has more to do with what colors you were than the style of h bags themselves. I will try to add some mod shots here in the next few days.
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  3. Since I'm regularly in Issey Miyake/Commes des Garcons and Hermès—as well as other combos—I can look around at my pictures to share. I find wearing H and these just a simple matter of putting them on together.
  4. Here's a super recent pic—H Maxi Twilly with Issey Miyake mainline jacket, Dries van Noten pants and Trippen (Berlin av-garde) shoes... For a bag, either a little orange Trim or black saddlebag (I don't know the Hermes name) will be easy.

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  5. Margiela bags work better: Lindy in the hand, Initial etc. Other bags like the Faco, Lady Clutch, DS, Hazlan, Bolide, Plume, PB, even an all-leather GP etc also work, Maybe it's the trad hardware of the B and the K that can jar.

    I haven't been into AG designers/vibe for a while (apart from footwear) my modern is mostly Mod or clean contemporary but you make me want to diggin' though my wardrobe
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  6. Thank you mistikat!! I didn't even remember the Yohji collab. This is definitely creative inspiration.

    That would be fantastic. I'm dying to see how you combine a look!

    I hoped you might chime in as you have been going to the avant side lately! More photos....:biggrin:

    I would love to see some looks from you and from everyone in this forum who leans in this direction sartorially. While I know there are wardrobe threads and a specific RO thread, the H subforum has so many stylish people who are great at making the classic look fresh....it's this crowd I'd love to see in your avant mode!
    I have been wondering for a while what to wear with my "slouchy blacks" and then DH picked me up a new RO jacket (green!) and a long Yohji skirt yesterday, and I just thought....can I wear a Kelly with this? I wanted to buy this edgy little backpack and DH said "But you only wear Hermes bags"....

    So bring on the looks :graucho:
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  7. Wow!! Stunning!
  8. Evies work well with the perforated H facing in. I knot the canvas and carry them as a shoulder bag sometimes. Works great with big Issey Miyaki coats and are a great travel combo.
  9. I find that my Jypsiere works well when I'm a little more edgy. I also mix in a Celine edge bag and a belt bag too (haven't had the heart to let go of these).
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    I am loving this new thread cus I love edgy / Avant clothing, currently own few pieces of Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamot jacket/shawl, Comme des Garcons cardigan and two piece long dress all in black (plus few other contemporary brands)...and I love asymmetrical dresses.

    I am mostly wearing black from head to toe. :lol: I find my Black B30 and RC Kelly are easy going with my all black clothing.

    QuelleFromage & louboutal ~ Cant wait to see yours!!

    arabesques ~ Love love your Issey Miyake jacket with Maxi twilly!

    Both jacket/coat by Rick Owens... I posted these on my recent RC K32 reveal:



    Asymmetrical dress by Cop. Copine with Black B30 & chrome hearts jewelry:
  11. Arabesques and Tonkamama, you both look fabulous!

    QF, for what it's worth, I think a Kelly (especially a black one) can go with almost any edgy outfit. Some photos I've collected from around tPF over the years to give some examples:

  12. Tonkamama, what great looks! I would never have dreamed a red K could look so fantastic (and that coat is amazing). I was a bit nervous to post this thread, and now I know that we will have some incredible style inspiration from it :smile:

    Cats!! I was hoping you would jump in here. I owe you a call/mail. :hugs:
    What a great selection of images here - pretty much reinforcing the Kelly as a perfect bag! So excited to see more, and to see the ways our H forum members put together the edgier ensembles!
  13. What about the looks of one of the socialites in the Asians and H thread. I forgot her name, but she always pairs her looks with dainty H's and I think it looks really nice. She is the one with the short hair cut into a bob. I know she wears a LOT of avant-garde designer clothes.

    Personally I think if the bag is smaller and it is in black with PHW hardware it could generally work or the So Blacks (they look so stealth like and bada$$ or RHW or any hardware that is like a dark silver or matte). However I think the general aesthetic of Hermes bags (namely the Birkin or the Kelly) juxtaposes against the avant-garde nature of the clothes that you might wear. The intentional clash of design language in the bag/clothes could create an edgy look too.

    I am not sure if Chanel made a So Black of the Boy bags, but I think that would look killer with an outfit comprised of RO, Yohji, etc.
  14. Her name is Au Skulthai.

    I don't think Chanel has released any So Black Boy (yet) ~ I will be wait in line for one LOL :biggrin:. I often wear RO jackets with my Chanel boys...


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