Hermes Window in HK

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  1. Hi girls!

    Some pictures from HK during my trip! Very nice windows and display.
    I love the menu in french "Pates au birkin" ! so cute!
    P1000212.JPG P1000219.JPG P1000221.JPG P1000220.JPG P1000222.JPG
  2. la suite....

    this is the shop of causewaybay!
    P1000224.JPG P1000225.JPG P1000213.JPG
  3. Very nice! Hope you enjoyed your trip!!
  4. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing these pictures!!!
  5. Great pics! Thanks for sharing them with us.
  6. Thanks for sharing these photos! I can't wait to go to HK next year!!!:yahoo:
  7. Thank you for those wonderful pictures! I hope that you had a lovely trip.
  8. great pix, thanks for sharing!
  9. I love how Hermes "decorates"! They're also the only company I know that has managed to carry the style over to their website. Too cute! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Marvelous - love the leather, love the pillows. Hermes decorates supremely.
  11. Thank you Specialist!!!! I love to see the Hermes windows of the world!!!! It's always a feast for the eyes!!!
  12. Great pics!! Glad you had a good trip :yes:
  13. Great pix SP! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Thank you for sharing.

    I LOVE THE MENU!!! Really cute.
  15. Okay - now you have made me want to have a scarf made into a pillow in addition to framing them - thanks a lot!:P

    Lovely pics - thanks for posting them.