Hermes will it ever become more mainstream like Chanel and Gucci?

  1. To all you Hermes lovers out there do you think that Hermes will ever become more mainstream like Chanel and Gucci?
  2. I don't think it will because of the price-tag and the supply. I do prefer it not be so mainstream even though I'm dying to get my hands on a Birkin ... However, I do like the fact that not every other person is carrying the same bag ...

    Ugh ... that sounded snobbish but it isn't intended to be ... just don't know how else to put it. Sorry.
  3. I agree with Kou that the price tag is a big deterrent for the bags to be mainstream. Also, some people don't like the structures styles of most bags ...

    I also hope that it doesn't become mainstream because it's so much more interesting when the bags are difficult to obtain. Then, each bag has a story. I also like it that in every store you go to, most bags are different depending on the leather and color choices available.
  4. True. I have to admit that when I first saw the Birkin and its pricetag (online since it was so hard to get from the store), I was dumb-founded. I was used to seeing LOUD bags with lots of over-the-top designs to have a high pricetag. So when I saw the Birkin, I thought I was misreading the price. But then when I went to the boutique and touched the leather of one of the leather goods, I became a convert!

    I love hearing everyone's story on how they acquire their bag. I have yet to have a story to tell ... hopefully soon though:P
  5. Since the family that owns Hermes is so secure financially, it seems very unlikely that they would need to make decisions that would cause the bags to become more available. That being said, I would hope that more boutiques might be opened or that the online store might offer small leather goods such as wallets and journals...
  6. I'm probably wrong (still, it's a theory anyway) but I'm thinking maybe they don't put the small leather goods online for the fear of counterfeits. Granted, people are faking everything these days but I think they are faking the leather goods the most and making lots of money from doing it.
  7. I hope not....although I do love Chanel and Gucci. Actually, I don't think I'd mind the mainstream part so much as long as the craftsmanship and quality were still the same. The rarity of the bag is part of its allure, and I do like the fact that it's a little more unique and hard to come by. It actually makes me treasure each bag a little more, vs. the bags I own that were easier to buy.

    I think the Dumas family knows what they're doing since sales are going up--probably due to those darn price increases! But they somehow manage to make a tidy profit while carefully guarding the Hermes cachet that makes owning a bag so desirable. It's a really interesting study from a business standpoint; I know the public stance is that there are only so many craftsmen and skins that are available to make the bags, but I do wonder if they have some very smart business people that figure out just how many bags to "release" into the market aside from special orders to maintain desirability and interest w/o becoming too mainstream. It's basic economics I suppose--scarcity=high demand and higher prices:smile:
  8. I hope not, but with all the celebrities and stars carrying mainly a Birkin I think it has become mainstream already. I don't like it very much because my friends used to not know what I I'm afraid of them knowing how much I paid since all the fashion mags and publicity on the Hermes bags has risen. Why do you think we have a forum on Hermes? A few years ago noone would even know what or who Hermes was! Sorry if I came across snotty's just that I loved it when Hermes used to be more private.
  9. they definitely do not post more things on their website due to counterfeiters. they won't even post the names of their scarves.

    kou - but you do have a story, you have a kelly! that bag didn't just drop from the sky, did it? lol, i guess that would still be quite a story.
  10. I hope not! Being more mainstream could only reduce the quality of craftsmanship and devalue our bags. I hope Hermes stays this way forever!
  11. HiHeels, you're right, I never even noticed that they don't post names of the scarves on the site. I know they fake the scarves and twillies, it just makes me sad. As for stories behind my bag, I think the most interesting story is the one about my Bolide, simply because it was such a drama to get.

    I wish the bag will drop from the sky onto my lap though ... I hope I can get another bag at the end of this year, but seeing my strange criteria, it's going to be a bit of a challenge.
  12. Definitely not. I completely agree with Kou's assessments. I really thing that price and limited supply will keep it out of the mainstream.

  13. That's a good point. Years ago when I got my first Kelly, very few people knew what it was (when we moved from LA that is). But now I get prices thrown at me by dear friends of mine that makes me a little self-conscious when I'm carrying any one of my bags; a good male friend of mine actually "outted" me at dinner in front of strangers by saying that my DH was now out XX$$ b/c of my new purchase--I turned bright red. It was that darn SATC episode that did us in! :P
  14. I don't think it'll ever become 'mainstream' in the sense of the word that's used here.
  15. I don't think it will ever change. That's part of the Hermes appeal. It's true when you do find the perfect bag/scarf/small item it is even more special because of the search. :yes: I wouldn't want every store to be like Hermes but I do respect them for the quality of their merchandize and the fact that they stick to what made them a success. :flowers: