Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

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  2. One of my lines too! I carry my H bags on the subway too, but I have no B.
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  3. Wow haha I hope one of us run into each other other one day!
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  5. Me too!
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  6. These days in Paris I saw many H bags on streets and in boutiques.:loveeyes:
    But most of the time I was too slow to take a photo and they walked so fast!!!
    These are 2 photos I could contribute to the forum.;)

    A lovely kelly.

    This birkin seemed to be a SO, using three colors in a bag. Handles in sky blue color, bags in purple and grey colors. Sorry for blurred pictures.
  7. Recent sightings
    20190212_143858.jpg 20190212_143929.jpg
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  9. Thanks! :ty: Ninja skillz. ;)
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  11. Me too. Am I the only PFer on the 1?
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  12. I take the 1 also, down to South Ferry, some of the time. :wave:
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  13. Me too......
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  14. Wow I wasn't expecting so many New Yorkers on TPF!
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