Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

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  1. Roger Vivier?

    I never see birkins on my subway line haha!
  3. Oops- I meant to add that it looks like the 6 train maybe?
  4. Could be! Although most 6 trains are the old subway cars. This looks like the newer subway car design.
  5. True - I know I’m veering off topic now- but my second guess is maybe the Q or E? Don’t know why I’m thinking only the eastside.
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  6. haha I was thinking Q as well! Those are the new subway cars.
  7. It's either the N or W, can't remember which. Those lines also have new cars.
  8. Thx- the N came to mind as well since I take it when the Q doesn’t come around.
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  9. Thats one of my lines!!! I never see anything hermes on those so I automatically ruled them out!
  10. It's not often that I see H bags on the subway! Just happened to get lucky that day.
  11. Why don't we carry ours so we can take the wild shots of each other. LOL~ I do carry my H on my commute but never B or K.
  12. 6 line is filled with Hermes! But agree it is rare.

    hahahahah so down for that! I carry H as well but rarely my B.
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  13. I keep waiting for a picture of me carrying one of my H bags on the subway to show up here! Hasn't happened yet.
  14. All of the above neighbors! It would be hilarious and fun.
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  15. haha i was too scared to admit that on here but honestly...SAME!!