Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

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  1. Today at the V&A museum in London at the cocktail party for the Christian Dior exhibition, I also saw a lady carrying a Vibrato Kelly, it was lovely (no photo though) Screenshot_20190131-223733_Gallery.jpg
  2. Amazing Constance

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  3. Love that she is carrying it so casually. Reminds us to make frequent use of even our most special bags.
  4. Took my gloves off in zero degree temperatures to capture this beautiful red Evie[​IMG]
  5. Thanks for braving the cold and freezing your fingers to share this beautiful shot.
  6. Anyone know which red this is? I was thinking rouge grenat but I'm not sure.
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  7. I spotted this little cutie out today during brunch. I want one now!! IMG_4859.JPG IMG_4857.JPG
  8. How about Rouge Garrance?
  9. I also think it's Rouge Grenat.
  10. Was caught off-guard and I didn't have time to get photos, but saw a lovely Picotin (18 I think) in gold leather with a gold and white H canvas strap.
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    When this lady passed by me, I caught the KP on the corner of my eye. Then I literally stalked her a little while. I was on a mission to take a better spy photo. Now KP moved up to the top of my wishlist.
    IMG_5031.jpg IMG_5033.jpg
  12. NM Last Call in The City of Orange 0235CA34-C039-4108-B38A-57DF0105107B.jpeg
  13. At the ballet. NYCB%20Kelly.jpg NYCB%20Kelly%20detail.jpg
  14. On the subway. Noticed her shoes first! IMG_9962.JPG