Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

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  1. Just noticed she’s wearing two bags!! Love how her B is stuffed with paperwork. You can tell it is well loved! :heart:
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  2. Kids decided they needed to eat at the most popular restaurant here, so mommy decided to work on her purse stalking skills while we wait :graucho:

  3. A two for one special crossing Park Avenue in NYC!
  4. That’s probably the best H spotting location!
    Didn’t get a picture, but a few weeks ago while driving past Hermès Madison I passed not one, but two black exotic 35s in action!
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  5. My very first catch!
  6. My first posting but was too close to pass by the opportunity. Spotted today at the grocery store. Would love to know the leather, looked very durable.
  7. I am currently in Dubai on holiday and there are SO MANY H sightings but I’m sorry I did not catch any pictures.

    Green B30
    Black B35s everywhere
    Etoupe mini Kelly
    Rose Pourpre mini Kelly
    Etoupe Constance
    Lots of Evelynes
  8. Spotted in Hermes in Selfridges in London.


    I also saw a beautiful croc B30 in a dark green with orange piping but wasn’t quick enough with my phone!
  9. I live right in the area and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t see a H bag when I am walking around. Unfortunately I’m not able to snap pictures of most of my sightings!
  10. Ah,I miss the days of living nearby! Or when I was pregnant with DS1 and had to pass right by to get to my OBGYN from my office...as it is I usually hustle a bit nearby because my SIL’s mom lives literally across the street on 62nd and yes I’ve been ‘busted’ a few times going in or coming out!

    And yes there is always tons of bag spotting over there... it’s even better when the weather is nice.
  11. Yes, it is prime bag spotting! I’d have to walk with my phone permanently attached to my hand and my camera at the ready to capture everything. I’ve got mixed feelings about living in NYC, but I will admit the bag spotting is unrivaled!
  12. A winter walk in Central Park. park.jpg park%20detail.jpg
  13. Oh la la! birdie goodie at the same building!
  14. Omg her shoes!!! Are they roger vivier?
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  15. Yes!!