Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

  1. Or Gris asphalt maybe?
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  2. Omg that’s my worst nightmare!!!! Who caught you? The owner?
  3. Yes, he was standing bya table with the croc birkin beside him and looked up directly at me just as I was taking the picture.:whut: I pretty much ran away at that point.
  4. I wondered that myself. Maybe someone here can help us?
  5. Looks like blue paradise.
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  6. Thank you! That was my guess too!
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  7. Lindy 26, looks like rose pourpre in swift leather. My 1st wildlife snap, sorry for the blurry pic
  8. LOL. With a bag like that he is probably useful to all the attention.
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  9. Very cute mother-daughter Evelyn duo! Blue jean (colvert?) on the daughter and black for the mom. Thought it was interesting that the daughter had her perforated H out and the mom had hers in!

    What do you see more often? I feel like in NYC, I see more of the H-side out!
  10. I live in NYC and only see H out. And it drives me batty because I wear mine in and feel strongly that that is the "correct" way. :P
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  11. :biggrin: Definitely H out 9 out of 10 times. I’m guilty of being one of the 9...though there are times I do the reverse. For some reason I find it easier to access my metro card in my chained cles with the H out.
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  12. LOL, I feel the same way! :P I’m in Boston and Evies are not common, but when I see them, they are almost always worn H out. And then there’s me, H in. :biggrin: