Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

  1. If this is the cafe I think it is, the proximity to FSH and the lack of other cafes nearby would probably lead it to see a lot of H!
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  2. It seems that Paris is so cold right now! (And our weather in LA is still like summer now) Are people wearing the winter coat/fur/puffer in Paris? OMG, I am going to Paris in mid December and wonder what I should wear ...
  3. It isn’t too bad at the moment, but then I come from the south east of England which is pretty much the same weather wise. It’s certainly cold enough for jumpers, a warm coat and scarf though. By mid December you will definitely want to add gloves to that, boots and an umbrella too would be wise! All the decorations will be up for Christmas by then and it will look beautiful :smile:
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  4. Thanks a lot!
  5. A lovely Kelly, likely a 28 Goldie, on a lady on a busy day.

  6. central station, sydney
    blue constance
    was ready to take a pic but the pedestrian lights changed
  7. 39th and 7th, NYC. I was so sleepy I decided to get coffee. While waiting for my coffee this beauty appears. I was so happy that I didn't feel so sleepy after:P:sleepy:
    C8F6E2D5-7D93-4B6E-B6C3-FE8B845AB238.jpeg FB1D868E-4B71-4581-B7B8-DBAB903D7789.jpeg 7311AF6D-D0B0-43F9-81FC-9DCFCB3F93AA.png
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  9. Caught another live one! So excited. Sapphire croc 32 kelly with phw on a chic lady. Had to circle her a few times, a la shark style, to get a couple of good pix but so glad I got them! Also saw a dark brown croc 35 Birkin with ghw (perfect for the fall), but she was walking really fast so I didn’t get a chance to take a good pix.
    468105F7-F57C-4471-A6B6-9B6CC965B0C0.jpeg 924601D1-E0C8-4F16-A8C1-EC1E2F9B128B.jpeg
  10. 014B4790-3009-4FB5-8630-C4C4F24F9890.jpeg Finally see it in person :heart:
  11. etain (?) garden party on busy sydney bus IMG_0125.jpg
  12. I just discovered some wildlife pictures from my recent trip to Paris that I forgot to post !

    B88D00D4-ED4E-4C34-B682-0939D39E642A.jpeg 926670C4-9082-4022-B977-319322A2B7B8.jpeg 84D71949-6459-440B-AEC7-EF6469253FD3.jpeg
  13. And I totally got caught taking this picture ( I cropped the gentleman out ). Very embarrassing ! :lol:

  14. Pardon my ignorance, but what is this? New style, I assume?
  15. Gold evie. The lady carrying it was very stylish! First time I’m fast enough to take a pic.