Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

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  1. if the floor / ground / street / train platform is not muddy or wet i usually leave my bag on the floor too. this restaurant is way above my danger level. if it were me here i would push my b just below my chair to protect it from potential accidents.
  2. QF was making a clever joke with her comment ;)
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  3. ;)
    I got scolded in Vegas by the craps dealer to pick my bag off the floor.;)
  4. I am TOTALLY joking. It is a handbag. It goes on the floor sometimes. I am worth a lot more than my bag, I am made of more delicate leather (I hope!), and I do Tough Mudder ;) Anyway back to topic, two very nice Bs.
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  5. :hugs:
  6. Recycling - early morning outside H Florence. 20180613_095445.jpg
  7. IMG_1528980270.441823.jpg

    Spotted this Constance 24 beauty in Paris right now. What color do you think it is?
  8. That skirt is sooooo pretty!!!
  9. Jaune dor or maybe soleil??
  10. Would this be Ambre?
  11. It looked kinda salmon pink on my screen... so my guess will be Crevette
  12. Agreed, I need skirt data!!
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  13. This outfit is amazing! Great shot!
  14. Thank you, I tried to get as close as possible and take not blurry photo
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