Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

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  1. I’m so relieved the rules haven’t changed, however, I do feel that the mod’s need to be on the same page. As I was told it was perfectly ok. Thank you for clarifying:flowers:
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  2. I think it’s more of a morals thing rather than a legal thing.

    Obviously we wouldn’t want the child’s face on a random forum. Simply because common moral values tell us that it is not okay. So I’m glad the picture got taken down.

    Anyways...back to topic,

    I saw a tricolor Kelly! I don’t know exact color names but it was red, orange, and brown. Looked super cool!!
  3. I agree and somehow I think you get a better picture of what the bags really look like than when they are held for a posed photo.
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  4. Absolutely, I agree. But there shouldn’t be any celebrities here, as that is definitely not “wildlife” and there is a separate thread for those photos.
  5. i meant that this is a nicer thread (than the celebrity one)
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  6. Oh - sorry I misunderstood.
  7. tmp_15956-20180611_2232371983289433.jpg
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  8. Gorgeously soft & well cared for Massai, think potiron.
  9. Now I’ve posted it, it looks more gold so not sure!
  10. I like her outfit
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  11. I’ve never cared for this bag style but the leather looks scrumptious.
  12. Birkin on the floor across the dim sum table
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  13. Oh no, the Birkin is on the Floor!! :eek::wtf::shocked:

  14. I do, and that’s the main reason I miss my job, and more than anything else, I miss having my own money, so I can buy my stuff without looking addicted or crazy.
  15. Yes, not only is it unsanitary, isn’t it bad luck to put your H on the floor?
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