Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

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    I’m posting this because now I’m confused as I’m being told rules have been changed without us being made aware. Since when has it been become up to the poster to choose if they want the faces shown or not?
    Where is our consent to privacy?

    Mistikat has always told us blank out the faces.

    PS: Where’s the Hermes in the pic?
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    Please blank out people's faces before posting wildlife photos.
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  4. I doubt the rule has changed but since mistikat is no longer with us, nobody is enforce the rule any more.

    I think she carries a lindy.
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  5. I guess we will have to wait for TPF being sued for invasion of privacy!
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  6. The member who posted the photo is somewhat new and may not have known about the rule (although a scroll through the thread shows no faces). But a mod should have stepped in to edit or delete the photo.
  7. Can we get an admin in here to do something about it? The picture should be cropped but yes the poster may have not known which is fine. Just a simple mistake.

    @Megs @Vlad please help!!
  8. Rules aren't changing, it takes time for reported posts to be handled sometimes. . . . pic was removed. Please just report the post and allow us to handle it :smile:
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  9. Sorry guys, I mentioned it was my first time and didn't realize the rule. Now I know, thanks!

    And yes it was a Lindy 26 in etoupe.
  10. mistakes happen. please share edited/ blurred pics to keep this lovely thread going. all photos are much appreciated :smile:
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  11. We love for this to feel like a safe space, which is why we have people blur/edit out faces. Everything in the H forum is still being addressed, we check all reports and get to them!
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  12. As an FYI, it is perfectly legal in the US to take a picture of a person in a public place, it is no invasion of privacy. Regardless, as a courtesy to those photographed, we do very much still prefer the person to be non-identifiable in the photos posted here. :idea:
  13. Thanks Vlad! Came here to post exactly this. Always better to be safe than sorry, especially if it is not known if this picture was taken in the US or not.
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  14. I much prefer these serendipity captured real moments (Oh, that was me) to celebrities, put together by their stylist, posing.
    The courtesy of anonymity is normally respected.
  15. Of course. But is it also legal to publish their face on the internet and store them on your server, especially there was a minor involved? Anyhow I don't live in the US. So perhaps the laws are more relaxed there.
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