Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

  1. A blue electric B and a graphite Lindy one right after the other IMG_1499901573.953373.jpg IMG_1499901583.469963.jpg
  2. Hahaha
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  3. Lol thats a sight you dont see often unless the people are travelling together which these ladies obviously dont know each other!
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  4. Yes! I suppose anything is possible on Madison Ave - especially so close to the H store!
  5. Hahaha... this is so cute. Beautiful bag. Love the verso / bicolour exterior / interior bags.
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  6. Paris, rue de Faubourg, just across the road from FSH.
    Stunning stunning Gris mouette kelly and oran sandals on both ladies! Not quick enough to get a photo from the front! :sad: IMG_9185.JPG
  7. The dress seems from H aslo
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  8. I love this thread! It's dangerous though; my wish list increases with every photo I see...
  9. I feel like that might need to be on a T shirt "Anything is possible on Madison Ave esp so close to an H store!"
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    While at the store earlier...

    B25 Etain
    Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 00.25.12.png

    And spotted Au Skulthai with her entourage, her croc K and a Kelly Lakis. Yes, that's a train sticking out her back from her coat. :eek: Probably explains why she's standing instead of sitting! :P
    Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 01.33.14.png
  11. Fantastic sighting! You must have been dying :smile:
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  12. This is too cool! :nuts:
  13. B35 etoupe PHW in Double Bay - two different ladies
    B35 black GHW in The Bay as well
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  14. Saw a black epsom sellier Kelly at Chanel in Printemps and a black Togo retourne Kelly with a different strap at Kenzo in Printemps in Paris today. IMG_1500843876.600193.jpg IMG_1500843891.260760.jpg
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