Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

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  2. gris mouette k25 with fun strap and jardin anglais twilly on the hat :heart:

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  3. Really love the strap!
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  4. Had to zoom in for this one but it was a chocolate croc Kelly spotted on Avenue Montaigne in Paris IMG_1498085199.092077.jpg
  5. I don't , or didn't, like these fun straps but have to say this looks excellent.
    She's picked the perfect outfit , and it all looks fresh and fabulous.
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  6. IMG_1498211963.071940.jpg

    Saw the lovely birdie at cos today
  7. IMG_1498320434.842455.jpg

    Think I spotted a craie bolide!
  8. Also I think I saw a backpack yesterday that looked like a Herbag! Couldn't take a picture as I was walking with a coworker at the time. Has H ever made such a thing??
  9. I believe so! Shea Whitney (luxury youtuber) recently purchased a Herbag backpack!
  10. Thank you! It was super cute!
  11. Yes here's a pic of one IMG_1498355447.753047.jpg
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  12. Looks like it to me! But how is it cross body with the matching strap?
  13. It looks a little too short to be crossbody to me, which is why I thought she was wearing it behind her since it would come up too high on her side.
  14. i hadn't thought of that.
  15. fullsizeoutput_a4b.jpeg So many Hermes sighted in Vancouver Pacific Centre lucky enough to have my phone handy for this one Nordstrom, lovely B35