Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

  1. Hermes Sale - San Francisco, CA
  2. IMG_1497387756.236203.jpg
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  3. Townhall station
  4. Love a Sydney sighting! Outside of VS?
  5. Another @ townhall this afternoon
  6. Yup, lol
  7. image.jpeg
    Gorgeous Candy Lindy (Gris perle/crevette)
  8. Spotted two lovely B's on the way home from work today IMG_1497569768.413146.jpg IMG_1497569779.120307.jpg
  9. When I am taking wildlife pictures, I always wonder if I am actually photographing TPF members! I keep waiting for someone on this thread to post "hey, that's me!"
  10. ha ha! i always wonder the same thing too!
  11. I was at Houston airport on Saturday with my Evelyne and saw a woman with the exact same Evelyne as me! I was walking to my gate and I quickly walked over to her and said "nice bag" and she looked stunned for a moment and then laughed and said "You too!"
  12. me also
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  13. Recent sightings..
    Last but not least this vintage lizard Kelly :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
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