Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

  1. Lovely Evie in Trench!! Love this neutral
  2. Gorgeous light pink B (rose sakura?). Her owner was so well put together and had the most gorgeous hair! Sorry if that's weird haha IMG_1496442640.621334.jpg
  3. Goes so well with the dress too. Love!
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  4. Agreed about Riverside Square Mall and Short Hills. I've spotted quite a few Bs in the shoe department at Neiman's. I've seen a lot more Evelynes lately
  5. Has my post been deleted?
  6. Oh I love shots like this. So classy. I adore the wildlife shots and seeing how people really use/love their bags.
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  7. Recent sightings

    Garden Party with a Rodeo (not visible in pic)
    Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.44.41.png

    Jige Elan
    Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 21.03.21.png
  8. IMG_7466.JPG

    Spotted! 35 Barenia sitting pretty at Harrods. You've got style sweetie! xoxo, periogirl!
  9. wow! and on a rainy day in London today, so definitely got courage too
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  10. I want a Halzan too! But I worry that it doesn't hold very much. I guess an Evelyn holds a lot more, but I don't know how I feel about the big H in perforation.
  11. My first two pics could have been better... was too slow, so the first one is heavily zoomed in and the second from a bad angle with a hand in front. Just my luck.

    Seen in Geneva. The first is a dark blue (bleu nuit?) B from within Cafe du Centre and the second is a black one on the place du molard.

    And within 5min. I also saw a dark blue Pico. But taking a pic would have been too obvious.
    20170607_205201.jpg 20170607_205456.jpg
  12. I just started taking wildlife pictures too! They are surprisingly hard to capture. You need to be steady enough and in a good enough position to actually get a picture of the bag, but not so good that it would be obvious! It's a very tricky balance.
  13. Barenia is fine in the rain, it's actually a very smart choice :biggrin:
  14. Spotted a Evelyn at Westfield mall, Ca over the weekend IMG_1496876590.338071.jpg
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  15. Clic @VC polo classic