Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

  1. NYC
  2. Dear Madam Bijoux, what is your grail scarf ?
  3. Hello, Leuleu! It's the one with the hot air balloons from 2009 or thereabouts. I think the name is Folies du Ciel.
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  4. I saw a beautiful, bright red Evelyne at a grocery store in VA.
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  5. It's very beautiful ; hope you'll find it :smile:
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  7. Blue Birkin on the floor at the nail salon today. IMG_2334.JPG
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  8. Wow her ring!
  9. Holy crap you're right! That thing is HUGE!!
  10. OMG, I didn't even notice at the time! I was too busy peeping the bag. :giggle:
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  11. Me too !! TPFers have eagle eyes.
  12. A bit of brightness in the gloom - wild, fresh and headed home.

  13. Ha I know exactly where you are. It must be coming from Meurice.
  14. Pretty cool wildlife sighting as we've never seen it in a dry clean bag !!
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  15. This is such a great wildlife photo. It looks like it could be in a photojournalism piece, the juxtaposition of trash, streets, Hermes, just real life.