Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

  1. Wow! I thought a 40 was heavy can't imagine this!
  2. It needs a cart to wheel it around.
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  3. wow it's huuuuuge :smile:
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  4. I think it's even bigger than this that we just saw! This is "just" a 50cm HAC and I can practically climb into it. DHs50cmHAC.jpg
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  5. It was a So Kelly in an orange tone with GHW - I would have taken it in a heartbeat!!
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  6. Might be geranium but I could be wrong. Xoxo
  7. Wow, this is serious luggage.
  8. This is a case of when the beast is also the beauty *wink wink*
  9. Where was THIS being found?
  10. I feel like a small child and dog are going to pop out of it any moment! It's massive!
  11. I live in the SW desert and wear all black all the time but admit, once it hits 95 degrees...no way lol!
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  12. This is in London. It's Gris Perle even though it looks quite dark. It's LOVELY, I tried it and felt like Pharrell :p
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  13. pharrell's purple croc was the first thing i thought of when i saw this
    gris perle croc is lovely
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  14. Holy cow - behemoth is right! I didn't notice it at first glance because it looks like a piece of furniture! I love it!! Enjoy Paris!
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  15. I saw one of these recently in Manhasset - actually they have a B40 in Orange on display and then a huge croc 50. It's massive!