Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

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  2. NY: Spotted near Via Quadronno: Swift lindy in turquoise. i think a 26 size Gorgeous piece during this beautiful weather!
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  3. Now I've seen it, a lovely Spanish speaking lady with her teenage daughter in Paris at Tod's. The lady carrying a red B30 lisse croc and while I was sitting in an armchair waiting for my new shoes, the lady was standing 1 meter from me and the birkin had d i a m o n d s. I was so happy to see someone actually carrying a bag like that, even if I'm being conservative and think a diamond B is more for evening, despite the size. I've seen them on display but so fun in real! Couldn't say if the diamonds had been put later or by Hermès but non the less, stunning Naturally no pics.
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    An understated Virevolte.
  5. Recent wildlife sightings...

    Himalayan Kelly
    Gold B35
    Black Sellier Epsom K25
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  7. That Himalayan! Whoa.....
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    LV at Champ Elysee today. Saw this behemoth and just had to ask the owner about it. It's a B55 from Petit H!!!
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  9. Im so glad you asked! Must have been the TGM size petite H lol. Fascinating!
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  11. Unbelievable! Great encounter to photograph for us!!!
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  12. Wow! I thought a 40 was heavy can't imagine this!
  13. It needs a cart to wheel it around.
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