Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

  1. Brilliant !
  2. There are more ladies using H bags in Singapore that I had imagined. Lovely !!
  3. OMG it's lovely! Is there only one gallery in Capital Tower? I want this painting!
  4. Yes this is the one.. It's lovely indeed :smile:
  5. I second that :tup::tup::tup:When I went there, H bags were everywhere!

    Off topic, but I cant help but drool over your avatar! It's one of my dream H bags that Ive missed out on .. :drool::crybaby:
  6. Thx so much for the info! Will try and have a look :0)
  7. Oh thanks :smile: i adore bright colors.. Makes my day cheerful :smile:
  8. Tonight @ Sheraton towers LiBai Restaurant
    3 women 2 tables away from mine..... 30cm Hermes bags out to dinner
    Black 30cm Birkin
    Tosca? 30 Birkin with contrast twillies on handles
    Tosca 30 lindy
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    ^Pretty bags!:heart:

    01 Aug

    Madeleine Ho (marketing director of Hermes Singapore) @Hermes Gift of Time Tanjong Pagar Railway. Wearing Hermes Orange Ponchetole, White Skirt and Hermes Silver Sneakers. Barenia Picotin w/Vert Anis Lining & Miel Gator CDC GHW. Cool-chic.:heart:

    Same place, Gold Victoria Elan and Garden Party on two ex-Hermes SAs. As well as Vert Anis Bolide w/strap & twilly.

  10. Wish there was a pic of Madeleine Ho's outfit! Sounds v cool :cool:
  11. Sorry, didn't snap one. She was busy here and there. Hossan Leong, our local actor and gang from overseas are here today too.:smile: Another young girl, a Hermes staff also turn out pretty in Hermes orange/yellow scarf as a dress with a Hermes fedora hat and Hermes wedges.
  12. what color is this?!
  13. No worries IFFAH! You posted so many great pics already :smile: thanks for sharing!

  14. :flowers: This is the girl I'm referring to.

    Alli Sim.
    alli sim.jpg
  15. Its Kiwi green LamborghiniGirl