Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

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  1. #1 Nov 28, 2009
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2009
  2. V Anis KP croc:nuts: in Missoni @ Cipriani
    30B matte croc (graphite):yes: w/ OTK CL's
  3. Great World City
    A lady with Rouge H Lindy in pm size.
  4. Black birkin 35cm GHW, Indigo Birkin 35cm PHW, Curry Birkin 35cm PHW, Orange Evelyne, Tri colour Kelly in Central London :lol:
  5. hahahaha - funnily enough I saw those too!
  6. :amuse::thinking:Really?? I am Kidding:smile:
  7. Thank you, Lilach, for starting this thread. :flowers:

    saw orange croc/alligator birkin 35 on street
    BJ B35 GHW at Bergdorf
    Etoupe B35 PHW at Bergdorf
    vintage Rouge H box Drag 28? on petite elderly lady at the market
  8. at the airport, note where the birkin is sitting on :smile:.

    rouge hermes 35 birkin phw

    Attached Files:

  9. this morning at MTCC:

    black Victoria
    raisin Trim
  10. Dinner at Hardware Lane

    A rouge garance 32 Kelly sellier just walked past, I'm guessing Epsom, too dark to see
  11. Hermes Lee Garden store, Hong Kong today

    A lady and her husband were paying $ for an indigo (matte) croc 35cm birkin :drool::drool:
  12. @ PS. Cafe

    28 Gris Agathe Ostrich K. phw w/Rouge H matte alligator CDC phw
    30 Chocolate Togo B w/phw w/Kantha shawl

    @ The Queen Returns, Korean Drama

    Hwang Shin-Hye w/,

    Ep 12

    30 Graphite Shiny Poro. Croc B w/ghw (in black coat, gold belt, gold earrings, gold necklace)

    Ep 11

    30 Barenia Toile B phw (in brown leather coat & gold dangling earrings)

    Ep 10

    28 Vert Anis Swift K. phw w/strap (in plaid blazer, black turtleneck top, gold hoop earrings)

    @ Singapore Flavours, Food Infotainment

    Fiona Xie w/

    35 Gris T. B, Noir CDC phw (in Marni bolero, white top w/jeans)

    Noir CDC phw (in pink dress w/a statement necklace and Omega watch)

    @ Entertainment Weekly

    Veteran Actress, Yoon Yeo Jung w/30 black togo B phw
  13. ngee ann city, singapore:

    - violet birdy birkin
    - graphite lindy
  14. Last night TG 607 HKG-BKK

  15. yesterday - at the opening of the new H boutique at one central, macau;

    a very elegant lady with a 35cm birkin, shiny croc, rouge vif, gold hardware :nuts:
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