Hermes Whitebus: discontinued?

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  1. Hello, I'm new to the Hermès world and I was wondering if the Whitebus style had been discontinued.
    I recently read this in an Ebay auction for a chocolate Clemence Whitebus and thought I'd ask on here since Ebay's definitely not the most reliable source on the matter.

    Thanks for your help :smile:
  2. While carrying a Whitebus into the boutique just over a year or so ago, I was told by an SA that the style had been discontinued. Since then, I heard they were still available with very low production, I'm not sure...perhaps someone else has more definitive information for you.
  3. Thank you Luciana12.
    How I regret not having bid on that auction...
  4. I saw a few at last fall's NY sale.
  5. Danzare, they show up with some frequency on *bay. Do a search by putting in "hermes whitebus" every few days.
  6. I think that's a good idea, Cavalier Girl, thanks for the advice...though it seems unlikely that I will find another NIB Whitebus in Clemence leather, I should've bid.
    Well, we'll see..gonna keep you updated :smile:
  7. They do appear in the stores from time to time and are available to special order if you get really desperate.
  8. There is a Black Epsom White Bus, 40cm, on Malleries. I don't know how to post the link.
  9. Thank you floppykelly, I'm gonna check that out.

    PS. To post a link, either just copy/paste the link from your browser, or click the little 'insert link' button on the 'quick reply' bar and write it there ;)