Hermes White Bus/White Bus Up

  1. Hi ladies:

    I was wondering if any of you have the "White Bus" or the "White Bus Up" bags? Since Birkins are almost impossible to get these might be an other option when I go to Paris next year.

    What sort of leather do they usually come with, and what's the usual price range for these?

    Some modeling photos would be lovely...:heart:
  2. Hi-
    Check the reference thread for some pics...I have only seen it in box. Great bag, very understated. Haven't seen many in the stores recently.
  3. I adore the Whitebus bag ~ wish I had one but I do not see them much in my store.
  4. I have only seen the Whitebus in Box. If I were still working, I would definitely have bought one for work. It's so elegant.
  5. ^ Seton, that was some picture. Holy Hermes, Batman!! :smile:
  6. LOVE that picture Seton!!

    I had seen a lovely Whitebus at Hermes in Raisin Box awhile ago, but wasn't interested at the time. Then about two months ago, I asked after the style and my shop had the Whitebus in brown Courchevel on one of their backshelves --- I was just very surprised because of the disc. leather, but I didn't want to but Courshevel and was still dreaming of the Raisin box, LOL. I love this style (the lack of feet is something I noticed also)....I have kept my eyes open for another one since then.
  7. I am also thinking about the whitebus right now, as an understated working bag!
    My store has it in brick box and rouge epsom.
    unfortunately i cant take box for work and epsom is not my fav. leather but i am still thinking over it.
    The design is very beautiful and functional!!!!!
  8. Great picture Seton.
  9. OMG, Seton - I love your collection!! Your Lorraine truly sends me. :heart:

    While I'm not a major fan of the White Bus Up, I adore the White Bus. Especially in box leather. :drool:
  10. i love the white bus, it doesn't really receive much attention here, i liked Laura's gold evercalf? (i think) with white contrast stitching that she used on project runway. Only it was heartbreaking to see her put the small dog inside it on that challenge.
  11. I definitely prefer the horizontal whitebus over the vertical style. It is hard to imagine putting a dog in one though, no matter how small!! For me, box is the ultimate for this style bag.
    Seton, that's some pic!! Wow!
  12. Thanks for the responses ladies.
    That photo was on another thread a while ago... People in Hong Kong and Taiwan are really into collecting Hermes items :tup:

    I wonder if it is possible to find a White Bus or the White Bus Up in Chevre Mysore? Would be really nice if they come in ostrich or Croc proroasas as well :heart:
  13. lol. that's not my collection! I can only afford 7 Hbags, not 25+. I found the pic in the Asian Wimmen and their Birkins thread.

    I love both the the tall and regular whitebus. My SIL offered to buy me a whitebus for a wedding present and I declined because I felt guilty about how expensive it was. Kicking myself now!:smile: