Hermes white bus info

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  1. hi all, have just seen a white bus on ebay i was interested in - it's in black clemence. i've seen one of these bags in members ref section but in box leather in raisin. i'd like views on usefulness and wear and tear if possible. how do you rate them compared to a birkin? and do they all come in one size - ie approx 38cm long? how much does the bag retail for new and do hermes still make this model? cheers all.
  2. Wish I could help, I don't know too much about them except I think that they are wonderful work bags. I'm sure it's lighter in weight than the Birkin.
    They still do make them. :smile:
  3. Yes, they still have them. I saw one in NYC not long ago...
  4. I saw a BEAUTIFUL cyclamen epsom in SF this summer ($4400) and a cocoan chevre and Rouge H (unknown leather) in KoP recently (didn't ask prices). I think they look like very useful, but I imagine this bag is more functional with stiff leathers. Not sure how well clemence corners would hold up.
  5. The White Bus also comes in a vertical style and a 20cm size, which is rare. It is rigid, so should hold up well. I think, the price range is around $6000, but don't quote me on it.
  6. the whitebus i tried in rouge epson was lighter than the have to keep in mind that this is an open has one zip? pocket on the back of the bag so this bothered me bit otherwise it is a stylish tote for work or shoppings!the price was this summer around EUR3.700...
  7. thanks to all , am trying to be good and not buy any more bags so i'll see. i was wondering about the slouch factor as my Evelyne is clemence and although i think clemence is fine for that type of bag not sure how it would stand up to being used as a tote with "obvious" corners..