hermes 'weekend' in vienna.AUT

  1. Dear Ladies,

    i was off to vienna/austria these days i would like to share my experience.
    i arrived on wednesday and because became so excited about the GP,i purchased one mm in toile/black leather version and i have to tell you the bag is great!!!!!
    Accidentally the SA asked me what am i gonna do on the evening?i had no plans i said and she invited me for a fashion show!!!
    it was quite private,only appr 20 customers.3 models showed the new ready-to-wear collection which was amazing!!!1
    we had some champagne,chit-chat...i bought the 4 mini-bottles from hermessences...tried some bags...-funny,they have only very dark bags(black/brown)i liked the trim 35 but somehow nobody else was impressed about the picture,maybe i just want it so desperate because 'it's timeless'???
    the Sas meant the massai fits me better....i became somehow sad:sad:....and the end we got some body-lotions,soaps as a small presents...all-an-all was a very nice private occassion to enjoy hermes!
    the next day i just gave in my final work for my MBA!
    if i become master by next weeks,Trim will come home to me!!!!!!
    unfortunately on my way back i had no time to see hermes in milan,but i saw the sac en V in the german Elle!oh,my!!!!
    Maybe trim stays???????
  2. Sounds like a fabulous experience!
  3. Wow!!!! That sounds like sooooo much fun!!! Congratulations on your MBA! Why don't you celebrate with a Trim?
  4. thanks hermesgroupie!i defenetely celebrate at H:smile:
    with sac en V or trim....or who knows with me:smile:
  5. His Missm, Congrats on your GP! And what a great experience to be invited to such a wonderful fashion show!
    Somehow the dark colours seem to be all the hype in Austria, when I phoned in to ask about a Birkin-ordering-process, the SA said, 'of for sure you want one in black or cognac, don't you' and was quite surprised when I said no.
    Will you still be there or coming back on the 11th? I haven't finalized my plans yet, worst case scenario for me is that I can only visit the airport store.
    Congrats on your MBA! How would you feel about a Massai? Would you love it? If not, then you should celebrate with a Trim!
  6. that is awesome!!!! wow!! what a great experience!!!! i was in vienna around this time last year too. isn't it a BEAUTIFUL place???!! OMG!!! ur making me miss it now....have to go look at my pictures now.
  7. MissMarbella - Congrats on the GP...Pictures Please!! And what a great pre MBA celebration. You must have a POST Celebration. I like to celebrate everything :yahoo: :yahoo: (hee!hee!)

    Can''t wait to see pics. and how exciting to go to a fashion show!
  8. Hi Hello,
    i dont know either yet if i am going to be in vienna on the 11th,but i will let you know until next friday for sure!would be great to meet!!!and i know all the SAs there as well:smile: since i used to live there.
    The birkin question is very difficult there,but they had trims,roughbies,paris-bombays,evelynes,constantines etc...Its all quite convervative there!
    the airport shop is small but you can find some nice pieces-plume,bolide,trim,massai!!! etc and the SAs are very helpful!
    I like the massai and my fashion insiders as well:smile: but my DH said it look like a hippie-bag and it made me feel so...whatever...
    I think about to sell it and buy the massai although i promised myself i am not going to sell any of my H bags.
    if you need any recommendation for vienna just ask!!!!
  9. i have pics taken with my digicam but i cant makr them smaller,so when i want to post them it doesnt work!!!!!!i am useless!!!!
  10. Hi MissM, this time I'll only get a passport cover and maybe a belt. And maybe a scarf.... but I would like to try on a couple of bags to see how they look on me. When I phoned the inner city boutique about the Birkin, she just heaved this heavy sigh and said in her lovely Viennese accent: Ach, schrecklich... (oh terrible...). They're flooded with demands.
    I am usually in-and-out of Vienna with zero time for shopping but would like to reserve some time for 'Am Graben' (the location of the inner city shop).
  11. Hey you can send your pics to me and I make them smaller for you if you want.
  12. Hello,you are a darling!sent you a mail..
  13. Congrats MM! Your new GP sounds wonderful, and what a special treat to see the show! Looking forward to seeing pix!
  14. o:yes: h how nice to see a fellow Vienna shopper!!!, I have purchased several bags there and never leave without buying something "on the Graben" I love the but I am in Paris now, and will post pictures in a week or so.
  15. Thanks to Hello2703,now i am able to show my new baby:GP!
    And am curious about your opinion on the Massai GM.
    Trim or Massai????!!!!