Hermes watches

  1. Ladies,I'm looking for a Hermes watch but still don't know which one.

    How about a Medor Watch?I think Medor is cute because can looks like a bracelet,too.
    Any comment please?I don't want to ask the SA coz I'm sure they will say only the good things about the item.
    In my country they don't have the stock anymore so I have to place an order by pay 50% in advance.

    Can anyone help to give the price info about this Medor Watch?No need to be correct price,an average price would be apreciated because I really have no clue about the price..

  2. Bagzgal,
    I own Medor in Sterling silver ( discontinued ) and in Gold plated , both with black box leather band .... That is a fabulous watch. I get compliments all the time, although I never check what time it is on the watch... (So unpractical !)

    There is an excellent seller on eBay for used Hermes watches : akiko1120

    You can buy at closed eyes. When you get your watch , simply take it to Hermes for a service and a new band, and you'll get a fabulous watch for half the price !

    Good luck !
  3. Hi, the approx price is abt USD1800-1900 (brand new in shop).