Hermes watches--worth it?

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  1. I would love to hear your opinion about them. Thanks.
  2. IMHO, no.
    For me, watches should be made by watch makers, not leather goods makers. (Ditto with jewelry - same reason I won't buy H jewelry either). I personally would buy only Rolex, Patek, Omega, etc... for watches, but that being said, if you like the H watch design and aren't that into the mechanics/resale, then go for it.
  3. ^ITA, I would only buy timepieces from watchmakers. IMHO, watches made by fashion designers are more costume jewelry.
  4. worth it? thats a hard question to answer. If you like them and have money the answer is yes. Rolex and Patek would be my choice in the higher end realm. In the watch world I think Patek is a Hermes and Rolex is a Louis Vuitton. Watches are all about the movement, Hermes does not make watch movements
  5. For the price point - probably OK just for fun. I am confused how other ladies are comparing a Patek and an Hermès; they are on the opposite side of the horological/price scale and not comparable - you can get 3 Birkins for a simple Patek Calatrava with no complication!

    So despite me hating Hermès I will say probably OK for fun because the design aren't too diabolical but don't expect too much from it.
  6. Forgot to add, I have read in an Hermès forum topic that a sales associate at Hermès claims their movements are affiliated with Jaeger LeCoultre: that sales associate is blabbering! Hermès mechanical movements at best are of a 'vanilla' type -though reliable - found in $500 watches so it's definitely not LeCoultre.

    There is only one Hermès watch that is collectible and that's the Dressage watch with a 'proper' movement but at that price with an unattractive design I would rather go for Cartier Collection Privée, LeCoultre or a quartz Patek!
  7. I have 2 Hermes Kelly watches. The first one is black leather with a silver lock, and the second is orange leather with a gold lock. I didn't necessarily buy them for their resale or future appreciation; they are great looking and definite conversation pieces. So for me, they work.
  8. Bee...Bee, can I ask why you hate Hermes?

    I personally love the Kelly watches, and also the Cape Cod... Afford them is another story :P
  9. Of course, please see this thread:


    EDIT: To keep this post within the watch subject, if I may elaborate on Hermès watch movement, they are unfinished (if it has been finished they would have put a sapphire back on the watch) ETA movements made by a company in the Swatch group, nothing bad with it because it's actually very reliable but - just to reiterate again - it's NOT LeCoultre or any movement resulting from a collaboration with a high-end horological company (except the Dressage which is not so worth the price because it's so ugly).