Hermes Watch

  1. Could you lovely folks post photos of your H-Watches and why you like them so much? I'm on the hunt for a new piece but haven't decided and thought I would take advantage of all your wonderful knowledge.

    TIA! :yahoo:
  2. dont have a pic yet but my dh bought me last week a cape cod with the double strap in orange .... i am loving it :heart:
  3. Weeelllll, since you asked, :graucho: I just posted about my new watch a few days ago:

    I guess it's all personal taste but I :heart: this watch & know that my long-standing watch fetish is now "done." I think it's striking (esp. because of the diamonds & mother of pearl face) but not too overdone (like some of the very chunky diamond styles around these days). Most people have called it very elegant, which I'm happy about, & I don't think it will date. As to the important stuff like how well it performs over time - Well, I'll have to keep you updated about that in a couple of years. I don't know which watch maker makes the mechanisms for Hermes (other than that they're Swiss) but I do trust Hermes not to take short cuts with quality. :yes:

    I also love the cape cod with orange like birkin girl's, and the men's H with diamonds & dark blue croc strap is stunning!
  4. here's my H watch with cognac croc strap :
  5. and here's my cape cod watch with rouge croc strap :
  6. OMG pazt, that's so beautiful!! Is that the matching bracelet?
  7. thanks perja! i match it with my watch but that's not from H....they just look good together! :love:
  8. Now there's some serious bling! Pazt, I thought it was an H bracelet! They do really look like a matching set!
  9. Pazt, serious drool everytime I see your red Cape Cod. It is too lovely for words!
  10. thanks SS and orchids! O, i think you need to get one.........:graucho: :graucho:
  11. WOW! All of the watches are so beautiful. What are the thoughts on the new Kelly2?
  12. i don't know what it looks like :confused1: . do you have a pic?
  13. Between you and shopmom, the enabling power is too much! :P I was just on Orolus looking at the Cape Cods. :nuts: Your ruby & diamond combo is by far the loveliest I've seen; I really love the Art Deco look to it. If I hadn't just gotten my diamond J12 this year, I would consider it is I'll have to put it on my future list or have you talk to DH! :wtf:
  14. i've just added a chanel black J12 with rubies (i don't know about me and rubies) on my wishlist...... DH doesn't like it that i keep adding on my wishlist everytime i see something nice. LOL!:nuts:
  15. Whoa....they make a J12 w/rubies? That would be quite a sight! The wishlist is ever-changing and ever-evolving much to the dismay of husbands everywhere! :crybaby:

    Sorry to hijack your thread to an FYI, shopmom had modeled a gorgeous H-our watch when I was in SF, and the SA brought out a Vert Anis croc strap--the combination was quite amazing!
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