Hermes watch straps

  1. Need your advise guys: I noticed from visiting my local Hermes that the watch straps can be sold seperately. Can these be fitted onto non-Hermes watches or are they made specifically for Hermes watches? Thinking of buying a black Swift strap.
  2. hermes40, not sure if this can be done. I am a relatively noobie!!
    I guess the only way to find out is to take your watch into your nearest H boutique.
    Good luck by the way, and let us know how you get on!!!
    I have a fab little watch that needs a new strap, and I would love a H Blue Jean one, but like you, dont know if it can be done.
  3. if your non-H watch strap width is the same as the H strap - i am sure it will fit..

    however i cant say for sure if H will be willing to fit the strap on your non-H watch... :biggrin:
  4. I've been wondering about this for a while, I'd love a strap from H for my JLC watch, maybe a nice red croc or something... :drool:

    I'm also curious to hear how these wear, are they quite resilient even with heavy wear?
  5. I will be surprised if they say they won't sell the strap if it was for an non-Hermes watch, I will ask and let you guys know : )
  6. Dear Ms. Hermes40:

    I am sure they would be HAPPY to sell you one but you might want to do little bit of calculation as it is NOT cheap to just buy the strap alone, so might be more cost worthy to just buy the watch that comes with the regular leather and if you want croc pay for the difference between the regular leather and croc....
  7. Did anyone figure out if they'd sell the strap for non H watches?
  8. Bump!

    Anyone know if the straps on the Kelly 2 watches are interchangeable?