Hermes watch servicing

  1. Hi all--

    I am thinking about getting my watch serviced, I have never done it before because I have a bunch of watches, so even my H watches only get worn once in a while. BUT, I went to put on my Cape Cod with white double tour strap this morning and I noticed that it needs a new strap...and the watch is a bit dirty....and a little scratched...and I bought it in March '06. I know I can go in and get a new strap, but I can drop the whole thing off for a spa treatment like I can with my bags?

    I can't believe I've never run in to this problem before...I never even thought about it!

    Too bad its Sunday...I could just call my SA and Claude!
  2. I have a few H watches so far so good. I have not had mine in for servicing.I too would like to know if H will give them spa treetments.
  3. Could you guys ask too if a watch could be mailed to H for service?:smile:
  4. There's a craftsman on the 3rd floor to service the watch itself, but the leather components go to Claude or Pierre. Don't worry, they'll service anything the company makes. They'll tell you what can and can't be done.
  5. The last time I brought a Kelly watch in for service to NYC (it was missing three of the four "pins" that hold down the plate that secures the turnlock and needed a new battery) they told me that they had to send it out for repairs. It only took a week or two to fix but because I had them ship the watch to me, the repairs cost over $100!
  6. I've had a Cape Cod watch serviced, it was just the battery after all was said and done (am still suspicious there is more that needs work) and it was a reasonable price and took several weeks. It was sent out from my local store.
  7. i think its great that H will sevice anything they have made. most of the time if you have a problem with an LV bag they just tell you its normal wear and tear and nothing can be done.
  8. There is nothing really "wrong" with the watch...just a bit dirty..could use some cleaning/polishing and I'm going to buy a new strap...I'll call in the morning. Ah! It's so late! I'm going to bed!
  9. I dont know if it's changed but my experience with the watch dept has been terrible. I came in once looking to change the strap and the SA told me to buy a new H watch instead and was so dismissive.

    but yeah, technically, H will do all the services that you require . . . for the right price, of course
  10. User...I would love to know what they tell you. I have the same watch in white and it's getting a little worn too. I've had it for years but never wore it much because the strap was a little long, and finally this year I took it to Hermes and they cut the strap down (for free) and later change battery (for a fee), but I didn't ask them to do anything else.
  11. User: What sort of service were you able to get on your watch? Is there such a thing as a "spa" for watches? I can imagine getting the band cleaned and reconditioned would be nice.
  12. What if I needed my gold Kelly watch to get the HW part of it polished??
    Where would I take that to?
  13. Minnie, I recommend going to third floor, and finding the guy named ummm I think it's Moosa? Go on a weekday, when it's not crowded (well, it's never crowded up there except at Christmas), and he'll spend time with you. He may do it right then, if you bat your eyes just right ;)
  14. Does anyone know the current cost for Hermes to replace a watch battery? Do they do it right there, or send it out somewhere?

    TIA! :flowers:
  15. I just picked mine up this week - needed a new battery. It cost only $22 but took 2 1/2 months.