hermes watch charm

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  1. just thought everyone would be interested if this hasn't already been posted:smile:

    ahh how do i make an image smaller i can't post it:sad: its from bazaar magazine
  2. hope this works
  3. :tup:
  4. I love it...
  5. Thanks for the looks fabulous!
  6. Thank you for posting!! I like the round shape!!
  7. Cute! Have there been other charms like this for bags?
  8. Thanks for posting this.
  9. soo cute! What is the average cost?
  10. princessrobyn, thanks for sharing! I love it. :smile:
  11. oh wow! Adorable!!
  12. That is wonderful. Thanks for posting.
  13. oh love it... now when can we have it!!!
  14. That looks great!!! Yes, really, how much does that set us back?

    Bazaar February 2008 issue has a beautiful orange croc Birkin on page 92, with a new Birkin accessory. I have to say I wouldn't mind one. lol

    It is a pocket watch by special order that you can hang from your Birkin. It is like a charm that you can customize to match your bag. Kind of fabulous and fun!