Hermès Watch Cape Cod - MEN or WOMEN??

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  1. Hi everybody, who has a Cape Cod men or women and can tell me what's the better size (for women)? Some pics avaiable?:smile:
  2. I have the large one ... and i love it... pics are buried in a thread never moved them to memebers ref... great watch mine now has a fushia croc strap and it looks sooooo pweety...:heart:
  3. Croc strap...:drool:

    Your wrist? Medium? Small? Large?:smile:
  4. I have a ladies size in palladium (currently with a Rouge H Croc strap). I have a medium sized wrist and love how this watch looks & wear it everyday. I think the size of a watch face is v. personal - some women look v.v. chic in men's sizes!

    Here's a pic of mine . . . .

  5. If you don't mind posting, how much does the Cape Cod cost (w/ croc band)?
  6. Cpe cod,..... :love: I think both men and especially woman can swing this watch.
  7. Jag - I purchased this a few years ago - I think the watch & a vermilion ostrich band was $1,700. I purchased the croc band in the fall for $450 (no tax - I have items shipped to me as there is no H boutique in Seattle) HTH - HNE
  8. THank you so much Harley & Emma!!! I really appreciate that!
  9. I have a tiny wrist and wear the ladies' size in a steel version (black barenia double-wrap strap) and a sterling one (with a fuchsia ostrich strap).
  10. I too have a tiny wrist. Even the women's size looks big on me. Mine is steel with a white double-wrap strap.