hermes wallets?

  1. hello

    fairly new to the hermes world, but was wondering which kinds of wallets are available. Attempted to do a search, but didnt pull up anything. Checked the reference thread and didnt find anything on wallets.

    I wanted to possibly get a fuschia colored wallet. Does anyone have any pictures, price, further info?

    Id like to get an idea of the exact wallet I want and take a pic of it with me to the hermes store when im ready to buy it in a few weeks.

  2. Hello, wears.....I feel ( because this way seems to work better for me ) that the best way to select a wallet is to actually visit Hermes and try on the different styles.

    There's nothing like playing with them, hands on to get the best idea of style. Besides that, it's fun:yahoo:
  3. Hi. I have a pic of my wallet. It is a fuschia ostrich bearn with gusset. The price without tax was $2500. I'm not sure of the price of the fuschia wallets in other leathers.
  4. Nathansgirl- I LOVE YOUR WALLET:drool:
  5. Hello and welcome to our little H community here on TPF!

    There are many different types of wallets and many different types of leathers. It's best to go into the store and take a look for yourself because there is just so much to choose from. What you see here might not look as appealing to you in person. There are also different styles and sizes also some have gussets and some don't.

    I can give you an example of a couple;

    My Fushia Bearn (I also have this in Miel, it's like a brown) is made of Alligator (Retail price about 35 hundred)


    My Blue Jean Bearn made of Spsom leather and has a Gusset (1200)


    Here is a better look at the gusset

    I will try to find out more about prices when I visit H this week.
  6. thank you everyone!

    bagg- The blue wallet....thats what im looking for. I want it in fuschia. Is the retail on these bearn type of wallets like yours all starting at $1200 depending on leather? sorry, im totally new and just love love fuschia!
  7. Yes, they all range different prices. But you can say that a Bearn with a gusset like that is going to run around 12 hundred.
  8. Thank you!!!
  9. I just recently got my rose shocking bearn w/ GH for Christmas and it retailed for $1775 w/ the gusset. It is chevre mysore. Here are a couple of pics! Hope this helps a little. I know the last time I was at my H store looking at wallets, most of them were around $1550 in chevre w/o the gusset and $1775 w/ the gusset.
    PF Rose Shocking Bearn Wallet .jpg PF Rose Shocking Bearn Wallet 02.jpg PF Rose Shocking Bearn Wallet Opened.jpg
  10. Moviegirl, that is the one I am looking for!!! Rose Shocking in chevre! What a beauty!
    I'm expecting they will call me if they receive one. Looking at your pictures I can't wait to have it in my hands!!

    BTw, sorry for the basic question, but, what is the gusset?
  11. Other than the Bearn, there is also the Dogon (see other thread on this) and there is the Azap long. Reference picture below is SoCal's Brighton Blue Azap Long


    And All About Bags' chevre Azap Longs.

  12. Don't worry about it, artemisa!!! I didn't know what a gusset was until I was in the H store and my SA showed me!!! Anyways, I hope I am explaining this right.:shame: A gusset is the lil flap on the CC side (on the sides, look at baggaholic's 2nd pic of her BJ wallet) that opens up to expand the wallet. Almost like an accordian style but smaller. W/o the gusset, the wallet lays flatter and u can't fit as much stuff in it. Hope that helps!

    Yes!! I love my Rose shocking bearn!! Your SA will prolly call you if you asked them to locate one for u or when one comes in!! Good Luck!! I love mine!!!:love::love::heart:
  13. Gusset is just a wider cash pocket. 1/4 of an inch
  14. :drool: wonderful wallets, thanks for sharing.