Hermes Wallets

  1. I'm thinking my first Hermes purchase will be a wallet.

    I need any and all style advice.
    I like my wallets to be highly organised and Hermes looks to fit the bill!
    Oh man that turned into a bad pun, unintentionally.
    I have many many cards so I was thinking trifold??

    So if any of you have any suggestions or styles that you prefer, things that I need to know, please tell me!!
  2. Hi winona77, give the trifold Bearn a try since you carry many cards. There's also something called the Azap Long, which zips around like some of the agendas.
  3. I have a tri-fold bearn in thallassa blue chevre. Its WONDERFUL! I have lots of cards so its perfect. You will not be disappointed. I had originally thought about the bi-fold but since this color was available in tri-fold I went for it...thank god becuase all my stuff would have never fit in the bi-fold.
  4. Bearn all the way! And yes, I think the tri-fold would fit you the best if would like to be organized and if you have a lot of cards, cash, coins, and receipts to fit in.
  5. Do you girls have a pic of the trifold? I've only seen the bifold...
  6. Can the local store try and locate a particular color and leather? My store only had a black bearn and some other rather dull colors. I really wanted to find a wallet in a bright color.
  7. i love the bearn as well! i have the bi-fold, not the tri-fold. it's very light and since i don't carry that many cards in my wallet, it's perfect for me! let me find my post with the pictures of my bearn...
  8. Bearn Mysore! I have one in turquoise and I love it!!
  9. Bearn wallet! They are the best!

    I think for your needs you need a tri-fold.
  10. Yes, tell them what you are looking for and most likely they can track it down for you. When I went to get my wallet I wanted a red but my store didn't have one and my SA was going to try and locate one at another store. I then saw my blue jean and fell in love so she didn't bother but it is possible.