Hermes wallet


Feb 5, 2006
They list virtually nothing on the web site, but there are some pics on the Styles board under small leather goods (go to the Hermes Reference Library at the top of this board, and Colors and Styles are right there). The Calvi card case works for men as well as women ($260), and if I'm recalling correctly, there are some pics on the Hermes Shopping board (under the Reference Library link). A search might turn them up.

Good luck! Hermes does make a wide variety of wallets and card holders so a friendly sales associate would come in handy.

Hi people. Does Hermes have male wallet or card holder? Went to their website but I can't find it. Does anyone know what's the url?

elle tee

Dec 6, 2006
Hi Es0teric, Hermes does make lots of wallets for men, but they are not sold online. In fact, most of Hermes' products are not sold on its website. The best way to see what they have is by going to a boutique. You can also look at the Reference section of the forum under "Hermes Styles" or there are some threads if you poke around the Shopping section.