Hermes Wallet

  1. Can anyone suggest a wallet that would be suitable to go with a sellier Kelly please? Preferably a more compact sized one. Also what the retail would likely to be. My husband was shown one in NBS recently and he can't remember what it was called :push:

    Thank you so much :smile:
  2. I love the traditional Bearn and the vertical Azap for the Kelly. Both are trim and slim and fit nicely into the Kelly. Both run in the upper $1Ks (around $1,700 USD and up) and can be seen in the thread Lyanna posted.
  3. Thank you - the previous threads have told me all I need know.

    Apologies - I guessed this would have been discussed before I just wasn't sure where to look. Still a newbie getting used to everything.
  4. I use the traditional Bearn and it is slim and works in any bag.