Hermes wallet question

  1. This is my first foray into the Hermes subforum.....I've been reading all the posts, everyone has some beautiful Hermes pieces! I have some Hermes items...2 scarves (1 periwinkle with UN doves and 1 red with Chinese perfume bottles) and an older gold H belt. I am interested in a Hermes wallet, however what I'm looking for may not be possible.

    I love small wallets. My favorite wallet is a credit card sized Ferragamo that also had a small zipper for coins. Did Hermes ever come out with a wallet like this?

  2. Do you have a picture of the inside of the wallet? Does it have a compartment/zipper for coins?

  3. I found a picture from a seller on eBay, the wallet looks a little bigger than what I'm looking for. What are the measurements of the compact bearn?