Hermes Wallet Info

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I am interested in buying a Hermes Wallet. Any info about the available styles, materials and prices? I definitely need a coin purse and plenty of credit card slots.
    Thanks for your help!
  2. i'll try to help!

    azap is lovely
    bearn trifold holds a lot
    or dogon is also popular :smile: good luck hunting!
  3. Dogons are around $1400. Azaps are close to $2000. Bearns fall in between if you get regular (non exotic) leather.

    I tried each on and chose the Dogon because it is soft and holds 4 passports without bulging which was important to me when traveling with my little ones. And it has a removable coin purse that was an added bonus to me.

    The Bearn design is very sleek and sophisticated.

    The Azap really holds a lot of cards and has a zipper closure that is very functional.
  4. I agree with the above! There are bunches of threads about wallets if you do a search, and I'm sure you'll find the pics and get a better idea -- good luck!
  5. Thank you all! In the past, I bought plenty of LV, Tods, Gucci, Prada and Chanel.
    I am going to save $$ and buy Hermes in the future and maybe couple of BV! I guess I have graduated from other brands and move on to a better one! But I need to do plenty of research about the Hermes bag and this forum helps a lot!
  6. Here's an azap:

    cyclamen epsom azap wallet 004.jpg

    cyclamen epsom azap wallet 001.jpg
  7. and here's a bearn:


  8. Here's the Dogon in Vert Anis Togo. There are a lot of credit card pockets that aren't showing in the pic.


  9. Here's another style of Azap:

  10. Wow! Thanks a lot for all the pics!
    I am going to stop by the Hermes store and see them in person. I am thinking Dogon now:smile:
  11. I bought a bearn, with the gusset...about 2 months ago. It was $1800.00 b/f tax.
  12. I have the Dogon and adore it - it is so practical and yet so beautiful. I am on the hunt for another one - highly recommended.
  13. I've had my Dogon for 9 months and haven't had one moment of regret. LOVE IT! It gets softer and more beautiful with use!
  14. I went to Hermes store yesterday to check the Dogon. The small/compact Dogon seems doesn't have a enough space to hold paper bills... The big one seems look more to an organizer than a regular wallet.
    Help.... I am confused... Did you guys get the compact Dogon or the big one?
    Thanks again for your help. BTW, I saw another wallet that compact and has 2 slots for paper bills and a coin purse. It costs $1700 bf tax. The design is not as nice as the Dogon though..
  15. I have the big Dogon but not the one with the belt strap.