hermes waiting list

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  1. Is it true (I just read from a thread (I forgot which one) ) THAT, if you want to buy a birkin from an H store, you can't apply for a waiting list anymore!!? :cursing: and it's said that only their best client/socialite can only be the VIP on the waiting list... or if you have an SA

    I'm davastated at the moment because I've been saving money for my first birkin before I graduate, and now, I can't even order or have one?

    1) im just a kid (not really)
    2) I dont have an SA


    thanks a lot!:smile:
  2. Hi jjgunawan, I may have no say in this as I do not own any Birkins myself. But, my mum has a few and I've helped her in a few of her acquisitions.
    As far as I know, the list in Singapore has been closed some time ago, and I dont think they take in any SOs if you're not a VIP, although I think the restrictions are not as strict in other parts of the world.

    I'm sorry if I couldn't be of much help to you. So, other tpf-ers, please chime in!;)

    p.s. i hope all goes well to your 1st purchase:tup:
  3. I've been told my friends who are VIPs that they no longer put people on a list. The list was getting so long (2-3 year wait) that they realized it was silly and they closed it. (this is in LA) Now the only way to get a Birkin is to know an SA or have someone who is a great customer maybe introduce you to an SA. Of course sometimes if you walk into a store there is one just sitting on the shelf, but that doesn't happen that often! Good luck!!
  4. hi there!

    do not get pessimistic as the road to a birkin is not that impossible (though it does look rather intimidating when we all start off with loving H)

    there are TONS of data in this forum from helpful experienced members that have offered much MORE info/tips abt how to get into this 'birkin-hunt game'...

    please hang around more & read past threads (do some searches) - you will soon gain more knowledge how the 'game' is played & hopefully soon you will chance upon your birkin.

    best of luck & welcome! :biggrin:
  5. If you go to a boutique and display a genuine interest for the BRAND - not only for the Birkin - you will get your bag sooner or later.
  6. Yes, that's so true ... not only for a Birkin...but for anything else your heart may desire in the future at Hermes.
  7. Just go into the store, be yourself, warm and friendly... you'll get your Birkin.
  8. Indeed. Sometimes, you just need a little luck. Try H stores which are just opened, if you can.
  9. ITA:tup:......You Will Get That Birkin:heart:

  10. my personal experience is that the waitlist is really just a hype kinda.

    as long as you build up a relationship with an SA you will be getting that birkin.... you might not be able to get your dream combo on the first couple of birkins you are offered but you'll get ur dream bag soon. dont worry. just remember you have to build a good relationship with an SA. thats ur key to a birkin.

    otherwise you can always try one of the trusted eBay resellers
  11. I was in Europe in december 07 and the waiting list still exists in Belgium and France.

    I went in several stores and in belgium they had birkins in the backstore but you have to ask. I just presented myself and said "do you have birkins available? Don't be too specific because I tried the "do you have a birkin 35 cm black togo?" ans they smiled at me...They are some birkin's more on demand!!!

    If you don't find you combo, express your love for the brand and ask if they contact you when they get one.:tup:
  12. This is how I got my Birkin :tup:

    The stars have to be aligned just right; You just have to be at the right place, at the right time, and with the right SA.
  13. o ladies, you've been so helpful to my teeny tiny knowledge of birkin.
    I had no idea they can actually close a waiting list!!! a bit sad/worried
    but thank you so much for the information!!! :smile:

    Then how do I find my own SA? Do you know, by any chance if H stores in Australia still opens a waiting list? WITHOUT privileges? because I wont get it not until the end of next year (sucks to be me:cry:smile:
  14. I just read a few threads about SA being mean by not putting you on a list.
    How can you possibly please an SA? Can I actually do it? because when I get my H (which is next year) Im still in my university studies.
    Is it possible for a kid like me, to get an SA to put me on a list?
    btw Im in Australia. So, if anyone know anything about H in Aussie, please chime in.
    I really appreciate for you ladies who are willing to spare a few minute or two to help me with this.

    thank you:balloon:
  15. I don't see why you cannot purchase because of your age - if you have a credit card and you go to college / university (I assumed you are older than 17 or 18) you're not a kid anymore, considered as a teenager/young adult - and I'm sure they won't say no to you if you want to buy something, if they have the item in stock.

    But one thing you have to keep in mind that being mentioned already, is, you cannot just walk in and demand for a birkin. You need to show interest in the brand itself, just like previous posts said.

    Pleasing the SA is not a difficult task. As long as you're polite and again, show interest in H brand (ask SA for colors, leather difference etc), you will have a good conversation and you will build a bridge of friendship towards time.