Hermes vs. the Really Well Fed

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  1. Food. I will never give up food for anything else! Not even H!
  2. Mooks --!!! Mushy peas with my sausage and mash please! And Vanill -- that fry-up! Oh dear.

    See my little sig below? The horse has to get to the olive green house at the end before I can get any more H. *sigh*
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG I just burst out laughing when I read this :roflmfao:
  4. In theory, I would much rather wear Italian/French than eat Italian/French... In reality, I do both!!! :tdown:

    Beaumonde - want a diet buddy? :tup:

  5. This thread is making me long to visit England again where DH, DS and I have made some wonderful family travel memories-not the least of which were the awesome pub lunches.:heart: I live in a culinary and fashion wasteland so when I travel it's all about tasty food prepared with quality ingredients eaten in an interesting (not necessarily fancy) setting. Carrying an H bag and/or wearing an H scarf just adds to the total pleasure of the experience as far as I'm concerned.
  6. hermeshunter and beaumonde, may I join you? The fact that my favourite blazer is no longer closing just slapped me in the face! I don't deserve hermes! :noggin:
  7. Yes! So the choc chip cookie I'm currently munching will be my last for a while...
  8. I'm an equal opportunist. My decision would be based on the type of scarf and meal!
  9. food or any other experience over h for sure if i had to choose that is
  10. Good question :}

    I've cut way, way back on things I normally thrived on. Just recently, I've purchased a pair of $800 Alejandro Ingelmo boots that I could have bought an H scarf for (or 2), but decided that these boots are really worth it. But I only eat out once a week, and try to keep to $30 a head or less. Any additional monies spent on Hermes pieces need to be budgeted after I've put aside funds into savings. That doesn't leave a whole lot for food :} I've exchanged my fattening diet for Hermes, sexy boots, ballet, and a whole lot of fruit!