Hermes vs. the Really Well Fed

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  1. That's perfect mooks, one birkin can have multiple great lowdown meals...
  2. LOL!! You are too funny
  3. how about food made to look like a birkin???

    here is a friend's croc birkin bday cake:

  4. #79 Aug 6, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2008
    following on the british yumness... think I might treat myself to an english breakfast fry-up soon...

    I also cannot wait til I go to japan (only some days now!!) and I can fill myself with some toro sushi!

    oh and keeping the H topic going, I could drool over this birkin for hours...
  5. PBC.....Wow, how ingenious is that?? I want one! That's called "having your cake and eating it too!"
  6. Love this PBC, I need the recipe.LOL.
  7. That cake is AMAZING PBC!! And now I want cake....
  8. Yeah, that's basically having your H cake and eating it... in the form of a BJ croc birkin complete with a lock and clochette. So much for my DQ birthday cakes. I thought they were special, especially the blizzard ones.

    Oh Vanillinae, that English breakfast looks pretty sumptious! Look at those nice pieces of bacon, eggs and hash browns. I think it's time for another trip to UK... or maybe I'll just make that at home this weekend... LOL...
  9. here she is trying to wear the cake :P :P before cutting it:


    and here she is cutting into it :crybaby::

  10. me hungry now... :drool:

    Does this sound crazy: sometimes I think I could eat my clemence lindy. I mean, think about the words we use to describe leather sometimes: yummy, thick, chewy. (At least that's how I think of clemence.) So yummy. I squish the leather between my hands and sniff the leather. Yeah, that's better than a buffet meal for me any day. And calorie-free.
  11. WT????....her dress matches the birkin cake?!!:lol::lol: PBC, are you behing all of this?

  12. That cake is almost too pretty to eat!
  13. Hmm, food vs. Hermes? I think I would probably go with food. I ***ADORE*** eating!!! One time my bro asked me, "is there any type or ethnicity of food you don't like?" and I thought about it and said nope, I like it all. The best part is, you really DON'T have to pay $$$ to get great food, and my DH is a spectacular cook, so I don't even have to leave my house!

    Oh and don't even get me started about dim sum....ahhhh!!!

    ETA: Hasn't there been a lot of food discussions on the board lately? Allen in Paris, ILML in Japan, and I could have sworn there was another foodie thread...gah, I get hungry just thinking about it all!
  14. I just found another one online, not nearly as nice as PBC's friends one but still cute

  15. ernskie: hahaha, weekends are the best days for fry-ups!! just sitting in the kitchen with mates and taking time to sort through all that sumptuosness! :biggrin:

    PBC: what was the filling?? reveal!! XD