Hermes vs. the Really Well Fed

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  1. ^^^ :lol:
  2. H because it is forever!
  3. Ooh, I had a steak and guinness pie with mash and green beans on Saturday..... good 'ol British grub!!! :drool:
  4. Where did you go? That invite is open to you too hun!
  5. ^^:hugs:We went to Browns in Covent Garden. That's one of the first places we head to when we're in London, oh I do miss it so (well almost!)!! :nuts:
  6. I think my ulterior reason for starting this thread was to get you all to talk about FOOD while keeping it all H-centered...I feel so deceptive now...

    So what was that, guinness and steak and kidney pie...bangers and mash and followed by some trifle pudding....:drool:

    What was that PBC...some fresh dim sum followed by just removed from the hook roast duck....:drool:
  7. ^^^you've got me thinking PEKING DUCK now!!!!!! yummmmmmmmmmmmy
  8. I could go for that!!
  9. ....raspberry and chocolate pud with vanilla ice-cream!! Mmmm-yummmm!!
  10. ^^^




    See?....still topical
  11. So are we going from bag porn to food porn?

    Here's one from me

  12. Miss Massai sharing some dim sum with the board. Enjoy!

  13. ^^^ :drool:
  14. ^^So fresh, so's another idea...actions shots of your favorite bag and your favorite foods...double the porn potential!
  15. LOL!!! I only have the one Birkin but could find pics of lots of yummy food!