Hermes vs. the Really Well Fed

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  1. lol! The first day shows a pic of some lush shoes and the rest are baked beans on toast, the UK equivalent of ramen! here's a better pic;

    and there's other ones too!

  2. What's the March one....coincidentally I had beans on toast for dinner last night :lol:

  3. Yep. I want the experience, once. Then take me shopping and we'll look in the windows of the restaurant on the way by......
  4. This is a hard one for me as my DH and I fell in love over fine dining. When we first began dating we would spend a whole lotta money on great food every weekend. Then one day we were broke and chubby, lol.

    So...I'd have to say that if it were just me, the H, but since fine dining includes a nice date with my hubby (and we don't get those any more with 2 under 2) I got to go with the food!
  5. Perfect combination!!!
  6. Vanillanae - Those Harvey Nichols ads are hilarious!!!
  7. vanillinae, those ads are SOOOOOOOO funny... and so true!!!! :busted:
  8. Ha! Me too. Funny what habits one picks up living in England. :lol:

    Those Harvey Nicks ads are great! Not like Selfridges' "You want it, you buy it, you forget it." :P
  9. Beans on toast are awesome!! If you come over to this side of the pond I'll take you for a mean sausage and mash too :tup:
  10. DH and I love fine dining, whether at home or on vacation, so I choose that. Every weekend we take our kids out for fine dining and they behave well so I consider myself very lucky. My excuse is we're teaching them manners so when they're older they'll know how to order and eat properly and have good conversation, lol. Also every weekend dh and I have date night with just the two of us and I would never give that up. Plus we order the really good stuff then, hehe.
  11. tried le cirque once & it was not my cup of tea. DH and i like to frequent chinatown for good & cheap meals instead. i'm not into fine dining anyways (except on occasions i get to dress up and use my exotic H bags!), so i'll take H over fancy food any day!
  12. I like fine dining, but if I'm going to carry an extra 10 pounds on my hip I'd rather it be a Birkin.

  13. LOL! hahaha, i really did laugh at loud! :tup: and me too.
  14. hahaha I think the march one is a puzzle, as in buy a gorgeous jacket and then don't go out the whole month. stay at home with the puzzle. haha
  15. I think I'll go with H.....seems to me that a big butt looks soooo much better on JLo than on moi!:wtf: