Hermes vs. the Really Well Fed

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  1. I personally don't like eating meals outside that much. I think this is because I really like the food I make. Not because it's tasty, (quite frankly I would never serve my food to others!) but because it's simple and I don't use much seasoning. I really like plain food.
    Of course, I will enjoy food that I can't make like sushi and macaroons but these are more 'once in a while' treats.
    This thread reminds me of this Harvey Nichols ad:
  2. Vanillinae, I can't make out the ad - are those 31 days of ramen
    noodles? Which is what I'll need to do to be able to afford
    my Bolide. ;)
  3. That ad is hilarious!!!
  4. Whether it is pub food in Yorkshire or dinner at Azul in Miami, an evening with my DH is worth more to me than Hermes.
  5. I am not really into food, just fill me up with champagne and send me to H.
  6. Mmmmmm, I love Azul in Miami!
  7. Word! Of course, a nice pair of shoes would be good too, but I'll take a night out with hubby of H any day!:yes:
  8. So, for you the question would be: An H scarf or a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal and a molten Valhrona cake? :drool:
  9. I'm lovin' all these thoughts...keep them coming. Most of my good, memorable meals have more to do with the company rather than the family dinners at my mom's or a get together with good friends leave behind more of a lasting memory than the actual food.

    I've had meals with friends at really nice spots where the occassional bad service, mismatched tables, or so so food have taken away from the event...making me think we could have had more fun and better conversation at a self service cafeteria.

    I don't think I consciously skimp on dining to save up for H....but I do consciously assign more monetary value to Hermes than I do to a meal...possibly due to the fact that I have been overfed, over treated by vendors, and overindulged while Hermes is a calorie free pleasure (but then again those are my own food hang ups).
  10. I'd chose the food.
    A scarf or bag can be purchased easily, all you need is the money. Those memories of the dinner and occasion are one-offs. :yes:
  11. Start with the Cristal and cake...... the question then kind of disappears and scarves mysteriously get added to my collection...:shrugs:
  12. I will splurge on fine dining when travelling. Regular days I'll prefer something from H except for important occasions.

    Luckily my cooking is not too bad and DH actually loves me cooking.
  13. I cook often, I enjoy cooking, and if I do say so myself I'm a darn good cook. My choice would be to cook myself the meal, and use the savings of home cooking vs. restaurant prices to buy some H!
  14. I love food and I love H. For me, food is not a fleeting pleasure. I have some wonderful lasting memories of great meals!

    Anyway, I think you CAN have both H and deluxe dining. I don't need to go to Per Se every night, just like I don't need a new H bag every 6 months.
  15. Since I pay for my H, and DH pays for eating out (which he loves) I suppose I get the best of both worlds, LOL!!!