Hermes vs. the Really Well Fed

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  1. Hermes vs. the Really Well Fed

    Borrowing slightly from the recent unfortunately titled thread "hermes v. starving people", I got to thinking in regards to Hermes in relation to high end dining and which one I preferred.

    Since I am based in NYC, I have had the opportunity to eat at top rated restaurants and at local street carts...and decided at the end give me a birkin and a falafel, extra sauce please. Food for me, no matter how well trained the chef, no matter how many points assigned by Zagat's, has proven to be a fleeting pleasure while my H items continue to provide me with pleasure and delight, not to mention leaving me light headed from the delicious smell of clemence.

    I have especially noted that many top restaurants add enough sodium to their food (to preserve the life span) to re-salinate the oceans. I can expect that from a dive, but honestly any street cart with a high turnover doesn't really have to do that. do you feel? Would you rather have a meal at Le Cirque or buy a new scarf? Saying both is cheating a bit....but I'm not your math teacher so feel free to give both the thumbs up.
  2. I love sushi and will go the extra mile (financially) to have top-notch, melt-in-your-mouth fresh fish, but I love the street carts too (for everything: breakfast, lunch or dinner).

    That being said, I am not rich, and my DH and I save up for our monthly culinary extravagance. On a daily basis, we cook our meals and brown bag our lunches to save money and our health. :yes:
  3. your title is funny. reminds me of my asian relatives who call me "well fed" or "healthy" to imply that I am heavy.
    anyways, I am a picky eater. I am only willing to pay top $ for korean food, which is nowhere near the price of a scarf here where i live.
    so I continue to indulge on korean food occasionally and saving my money to buy scarves.
  4. H H H H H H H H H H H H H H!!!!!

    [I prefer Hermes to fine dining.]
  5. H orange please! I 100% agree. Don't get me wrong I LOVE food, but some of the best meals of my life have been at my family table and dive restaurants.

    A meal is a meal and will hopefully leave you with great memorys but an H you can hold in your hands forever if you chose....
  6. It's the experience that counts for me. So if I'm offered the choice between sampling the menu at a great restaurant I've never visited and a H scarf, I'll pick the food. If I didn't like the restaurant much and was offered the same options a second time - meal vs scarf, then I'd pick the scarf.
  7. I've always been of the thinking that I like to see how I've spent my money, and whilst over the years I've been to wonderful places such as The Ivy & Quaglino's I'd rather spend my money on tangible items.....unless of course someone else is paying ;)

    This is another reason why I can never understand smoking, you may as well burn your money.....well I guess you are
  8. H first, fine dining afterwards (so that I can wear the H to the restaurant).
  9. I do have to insert one caveat though - I feel like "hanging out" with people almost always involves food/drinks of some sort, meaning trying new restaurants, etc., and the food bill can grow exponentially just because you get together with friends several times a week. So choosing between "food" and "Hermes" can turn into a question of "friends" vs. "Hermes"....
  10. The scarf, definitely! (although I usually eat out with DH and I'm sure he'd prefer the nice meal).
  11. I'm not into scarves but if I were to choose between spending money on an Hermes bag vs. spending it on good food, I'd choose food as I like gustatory pleasures.

    But to be realistic, even as I am saving up for my dream HAC right now, I won't deny myself a nice meal at a restaurant every now and then, and won't regret that it didn't go to the bag fund. I just love eating.
  12. H over food any day!!! :tup:
  13. Olive, you are very lucky to have only fleeting effects from culinary delights! After a three-course meal including two foie gras courses and a decadent dessert at Daniel, the effects stay on my hips for months (if I'm lucky)! LOL!!

    At this point, because I'm happy with my H collection, I might have to pick the food. There is something almost other worldly about a perfectly executed meal. While there is also something other worldly about walking into H, I can walk out of Per Se having spent about $700 to attain that high. I would have to tack on a ten fold increase to attain the same high at Hermes.

    But, ask me later and I might change my mind. :nuts::P
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    One a more opinionated note, however I don't believe in skimping on necessities to buy luxuries though I'm sure thoughts vary on this subject. Since the food in question can be classified as a luxury, it's the question then of foregoing one luxury for another.
  15. Well, I don't own any H....but I love good food, and dining at Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons.....was unforgettable!! Experiences count for a lot, and hold alot more memories that are precious and priceless. However, once I have the H effect, I'm sure that'll soon change, and I'll be on bread and water!! :nuts: