Hermes VS. LV??????

  1. I'm an LV collector + user for almost 6 years now, but I notice that the quality of the product from LV now is getting worst than ever... :cursing: couldn't hold its' shapes, leather is peeling off, (eg. Taiga Viktor + Damier Navaglio)... the edge of the flap is peeling b/c the shoulder strap keep rubbing it - and i only have it for like 1 month only) and the price is skyrocketing.... I just feel that I haven't spent my money wisely.... for a 1k - 4k budget.... I would rather spend alittle bit more for a H product for now... :drool:
    I've been losing my faith in LV after reading the TPF with all u Hgals here...... :yahoo: but don't know what to do with my LV collection.....

    I want something that can always look as new..... am I on the right track toward Hermes:confused1:
  2. sell your LV collection on eBay or buy a Hermes.
  3. Welcome to the orange side! Read everything you can in this forum while you sell your LVs....there's no going back now!

  4. As for Hermes always looking 'new'...that will depend on the leather and style you choose...some look better, the older they get. There are 'spa treatments' for Hermes bags that help to keep them looking as fresh as possible. Good Luck.
  5. I think with the proper care, Hermes bags can indeed look new even after years and years of use. So yes! you're def. heading in the right direction.
  6. Once you go Orange, you'll never go back.
  7. And take it from the Master, GF, who throws around her hoo-ha for orange all the time. :graucho:
  8. ^yeah, baby.
  9. Hoo-Ha? HOO-HA?????'s been one HECK of a long time since I heard Hoo-Ha.........
  10. I would just like to remind you that used products will not stay new for all eternity whether it's Chanle, LV or Hermes. You can't trow f.ex. silk around as you like just because it's expensive thinking it will last forever, you will still need to take normal precaution. ;) Even cheap stuff can hold up for quite some time (well, at least stuff that was made in the 70s and before) even if it isen't luxury items with the right care.

    Good luck on your Hermes spree! ^_~
  11. Hoo-ha!!! :roflmfao:
    I never thought I'd sell any of my LVs but I'm contemplating it. But never the Speedy! ;)
  12. I've had a lot of LV and no question, Hermes bags are much better made. Not even close. BUT, they will show some wear over time. The great thing about Hermes is the spa treatments! For around $80, you can have your bag spruced up considerably.
    Some leathers are known for their amazing longevity, namely Box, Barenia and the new one, Vache Liegee. Box and Barenia will show scratches which will eventually fade and blend into a gorgeous patina.
  13. What I wanna know is, how did she know my hoo-ha was orange?
    Oh, sorry. Mis-read it.
  14. Hi, mkc1011! Welcome to the orange side!:graucho: I hear you loud and clear! Used to be an LV fan myself. But as soon as I got my first Hermes, all other brands just pale in comparison. I got rid of most of my LV collection to fund my Hermes addiction and so far - no regrets!:wlae: (BTW, most of my LV bags were sold on eBay).
  15. I vote for gathering up those LV's that you no longer love and converting them into a timeless Hermes bag. You may have to add some cash, so the question is whether you're willing to be patient and save or if you WANT IT RIGHT NOW.

    eBay is like the wild west, so be very careful if you search for an Hermes bag there. There's a thread in the Hermes Shopping area to get help in authenticating a bag, so take advantage of the resources at TPF. Good luck!