Hermes vs. Chanel

  1. Hey ladies, I've been wanting a basic birkin recently, especially after seeing some old pictures of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and that I'm looking for similar simpleness and ability to carry a lot of stuff. But knowing that it won't be years till i'll actually find an Hermes bag, I bought a Chanel cerf tote which has a similar look to the birkin, but obviously it's not a birkin.

    I know Hermes is creme de la creme of all handbags in terms of quality, but what do you think of Chanel's totes? Any comparision? Thx
  2. I don't have a Chanel tote, but I know people who do and I've checked them out in the stores. I think they are nice, but they won't really hold as much as a birkin. Chanel actually has a bag that kind of looks like a birkin. Its a simple handheld tote with a smallish clasp on the front. That one holds quite a bit.
  3. Chanel is real nice quality...I really can't say anything bad about it.

    Of course, Hermes is better IMO, but Chanel bags are lovely. Carry that Chanel and start saving your money for the Hermes. You will get to enjoy the Chanel for quite some time and when you have the funds for the will be time for a new bag and one you will truly appreciate in numerous ways!!! Now you have time to learn and shop and firgure what you want in your birkin. Have fun!
  4. Chanel makes beautiful bags, but Hermes' quality and craftsmenship is far superior.
  5. I own both a Chanel Cerf and a Kelly. There is no comparison, my Kelly is the superior bag. That being said, I love my Cerf and it is one of the few bags I would never consider selling. In fact, I am carrying it today. It holds quite a bit, is elegant and very well made. Chanel bags are very beautiful and high quality and you can't go wrong investing in one. You will be able to enjoy your Cerf for a long time while you search for your perfect Birkin.
  6. I had a Chanel Cerf tote and LOVED it, no question about it. It's a wonderful bag and you'll enjoy it for sure. Like Dianagrace said, it holds quite a bit and has a very sophisticated look.

    I just sold mine to help finance my 32cm Black Box HAC Birkin. ;)
  7. I have a Chanel Kelly and an Hermes Kelly. I love both and wear them both equally.
  8. chanel is chanel and hermès is hermès a cerf can not replace or substitute a birkin and a birkin can not replace or substitute a cerf
    i love them both but yes hermès is better quality but chanel is fab too. if you love it rock it and start looking for a kelly or birkin :wlae:
  9. I can only say that the Cerf is one of the only Chanels my CHH (Chanel Hateing Hubby) likes. :lol: It is really beautiful and a perfect bag to carry while you are waiting for your Birkin. :flowers:
  10. thank you ladies, you've made me feel better! I've been carrying the chanel and it's a gorgeous bag. i've touched a kelly (purple 25cm? or was it 28cm?) at the Hermes boutique near my home and felt a difference. but until i find the birkin, i'm loving the cerf.
  11. Congrats on your Chanel babyhart! :flowers:

    Japster, I saw pics of your Chanel Kelly in the Chanel subforum. :heart: :heart: :heart: Darn it, I cannot add another bag to the wishlist but I just did. :lol:
  12. I love Chanel - especially the classic 2.55 in caviar.
    But Hermes will always be numero uno for me.

    Enjoy your beautiful cerf tote and good luck getting your dream Birkin!
  13. I love the cambon line that chanel does....especially in the white & black......
  14. of course hermes is GODDESS of the bag world... but otherwise chanel runs second best in my book!
  15. my cousins L-O-V-E chanel! but as they are quality handbags, i agree w/ lilach in the sense that these are two entirely seperate brands & handbags. so in no way, can they be considered proper substitutes for one another. so enjoy your lovely cerf & start saving for the kelly!