Hermes vs. Bottega Veneta

  1. Dear Ladies,

    I am wondering about your opinions regarding the following question:
    what do you think about the quality of BV bags (especially the Cabat) compared to Hermes?
    I really like the style of the Cabat bag and dont find any similar model from H.
    I was really surprised when i found out the price of the nappa Cabat (basic model) is EUR 3.000!!!! I thought their bags are around 1-2.000 EUR.
    Is it worth the price? Or could i go with the leather GP???
  2. You need to ask ms piggy. :tup:
  3. sorry, but Hermes equals "no comparison" in my eyes. JMO.
  4. well in my opinion the birkin is hermes´cabat so to speak both are squarish totes with the pro of the birkin that it can be closed.
    well i do love bottega but if it is between bottega and H i take H anyday
  5. you can't compair a bottega to Hermes
  6. I agree with Mrs Sparkles--Ms piggy knows her stuff!

    Here's my 2 cents:
    I believe the cabat is more expensive than the other BV bags because, like Hermes bags, they are entirely handmade/handwoven and take many hours by one trained craftsman to complete. There is a thread in the BV forum with pictures and article detailing how the cabat is made. I've haven't handled too many Hermes bags so I can't comment on the quality comparison, but for looks I would vote for the cabat over the leather garden party; it's just more unique. Just remember the cabat is entirely open with no zippers or straps to close the top; some people don't like the bag because of that.

    The ottone color (antique gold) is gorgeous on the cabat, by the way.
  7. As an onlooker here at Hermes, having never been to a boutique or even seen a Hermes bag in IRL, can people please tell me what makes H>BV? I love the BV bags that I own but eventually I'd like to own both.
  8. Thanks MrsS, OB :blush:. You'd be surprised there are quite a few of us BV and H lovers straddling the 2 boards. :lol: I guess both brands do have more in common than many would think/admit - both brands are hand made with highest of quality leather with much attention to details and craftsmanship. Imo you need to see the bags in person to appreciate. In all honesty, it would be hard to compare both the brands directly. I can tell you that as I love both! In any case, this being the H board, you'd find more H votes, naturally. :p

    lilach is spot on abt the Cabat and Birkin, both are considered THE iconic bags of the brands, in terms of make, price and availability (and recognition) Although there are no long waitlists for the Cabat, there's still a limited number of production within a year, as there's a finite number of resources available for these hand made bags.

    OB has pretty much summed it up nicely. You're more than welcome to the BV board for more discussions. ;)
  9. I was just looking at the BV board this morning for the first time and then saw this thread. :smile: I've seen both H and BV in person and they are both beautiful, quality brands. :tup: I am seriously thinking about the medium gorgeous! :love:
  10. Thanks everyone! I just tried the smaller Cabat yesterday and it is truly beautiful ( as all the H bags, of course).
    I love how lightweight is it!
  11. Great thread ~ I've been considering the cabat for a travel bag when I did not want to carry an H bag.
    Thanks Miss Piggy & OB.
  12. Great choice crochetbella, the med Veneta is absolutely one of my fav! Do drop by the BV side more often, we're great enablers. :graucho:
  13. ^^ You're welcome, Sus.
  14. ha ha, a subject very close to the hearts of Ms Piggy and myself, who have originally "met" on the BV board.:heart:

    My 2 cents: in terms of quality, craftsmenship and service, these two are the top brands in the world in my opinion.:tender:I truly believe that anybody who appreciates understated luxury should own a piece of H and a BV.

    As much as I adore the cabat, my first choice from BV would be a Veneta/Campana. If I had to choose between the Birkin and the Cabat, I would take the Birkin any day as a tote bag. Sorry to butt in Miss P!
  15. Bottega is all about understated luxury. Bottega and Hermes has similar vision because the current designer for Bottega actually used to work for Hermes. The cabat is more casual and cool while Hermes bags are usually more streamlined and put-together. If exclusiveness is a factor for you, the cabat is made with much more limited quantity than the birkin and every bag is numbered with its number out of the total production. Also, for exotics such as croc and ostrich, the cabat is much more luxurious and expensive than the birkin in the same skin. I guess I'm playing the devil's advocate here but I just feel the cabat is underrated compared to the birkin, although Hermes does provide better leather services and instant recognition.