Hermes - Vogue (May)

  1. In the May edition of Vogue (American), there is an article about shopping bags beginning on page 121. On page 122, there is a photograph of a silk Hermes shopping bag with a rouge zip-up pouch. The article is about eco-friendly ways to stop using plastic shopping bags.
  2. Yeah, I've seen it. Unfortunately, I hand my fashion magazines to my local H store now and all articles and photos pertaining to H I sticky so they can get placed in their look book, so I wasn't able to post this article. But this is a zip-up bag that is made of the re-issue of Le Dames Blanches, which is supposedly the first scarf printed by H.
  3. I saw this! It's really cute and would be fun for traveling when you need an extra shopping bag in s jiffy!
  4. hmmm, not sure i'm clear on this - it's a silk little shopper tote that comes in a zip-up pouch for when you aren't using it - is that right?
  5. I saw it too. Wonder if it comes in other styles also.
  6. Actually, the bag folds up. The bottom is made of leather and folds so that it can all be folded into a tiny little package.
  7. This sounds very interesting. We definetly need pictures.
  8. i think there are three colors available, the one in the magazine, rouge, and another in noir. the last one was maybe cocoan. i can't remember if they are all three different designs or just different colors. it's cute and not too pricey for H! ;)

    i think it's around 960 us dollars.
  9. got it! thank you for the explanation.
    i've seen this type of idea/bag in travel stores so i know exactly what you mean now.
  10. Learn something new every day. Thanks.
  11. I saw that, and I would really like to have one, as that would just be one of those items that is used a bunch with me :yes:
  12. for those who's wondering about what it looks like. I don't have a scaner at home so I tried my best with my camera.
  13. that's terrific cxyvr thanks a bunch
  14. OMG!

    OK, I NEED one of these..........
  15. ^^I know!!! That's what I was thinking when I saw it. What are the chances deep southern Alaskan stores will have this?

    Anyone know the name of this and/or when it's expected to be released?