Hermes visit today and about my birkin and kelly collections

  1. Hi, guys
    I went to Hermes today. Of course they did not have Birkins. They did not even have any kellys! But, I did not plan to buy birkin or kelly today. So, it's okay. I got orange bearn wallet with 3 compartments in goat(chevere) skin, and I bought 27 cm Bolid (Torquis?)! La Van gave me a craving for a Boild bag! OH Guys! They had Fushia Ostrich 27 cm Bolid. It was so stunning! Since I have a fushia ostrich Birkin, I did not want to buy it. But it was way toooooo gorgeous. OH MY GOD!!! They also had vermillon (red) ostrich 27 cm bolid as well. Ostrich bolids 27 cm are $8000. Both were stunning, but the fushia one was very hard to let go....I also got a 'H" charm to hang to bolid.

    My collection: As I mentioned before, I co-own bags with my mom (which means not all of them are exactly mine...). So, please don't be too surprise that I got too many birkins or something like that. Because my camera is not that good, colors of bags did not come out right. Fushia Ostrich Birkin 35cm, both vibrato birkins are 35 cm, brick birkin(looked like orange in the picture- it is actually inbetween red and orange color) 30 cm, gold birkin is 30 cm, shoulder birkin is 42 cm (shoulder birkin comes in only one size as far as I know), and we just got orange ostrich birkin 30 cm! My mom is really birkin and kelly mania as well as I am. We don't know who is trustful seller and who is not. So, we only buy bags from Hermes store. Especially, my mom does not even touch a bag if it is not from a boutique.

    Anyway, the fushia ostrich bolid is still hanging in front my eyes!!! Actually red one as well. In fact, I WANT ALL OF THEM!!!:Push: :Push: :Push: oh well Toquise(?) is something I don't have yet. So, it will be something different. Thank you for reading guys!:biggrin:
  2. Oh, your Bolide sounds amazing! Pics pics pics!!! And so jealous that you saw a Fuschia ostrich bolide!!!! OMG! Ever since you posted your pics, I cannot stop thinking about fuschia ostrich! IT has to be absolutely stunning in the bolide as well! Sounds like you had a fun day at Hermes- and you are all making me start to yearn for a bearn wallet just to get me by! Thanks for sharing your collection too, such wonderful eye candy!
  3. I am glad that you enjoy it! I will post my bolid when it arrives (I shipped to home- saving tax!) and all of my bearn wallets and new ostrich orange birkin 30 cm as well.
  4. I saw that same Fuchsia ostrich Bolide 27 at my Hermes and it was TDF! I also played with the turquoise chevre 31 - very nice color for spring and summer!
  5. Can Bolides be charged and shipped by phone? I had a Bolide-style Ferragamo several years ago, and it was one of the most convenient bags I've ever used. I live too far from a boutique to just stop by with fingers crossed that they'd have exactly what I want.
  6. both fuschia and vermillion ostrich sounds so fab!!!
    it seems it's raining ostrich 27cm bolide!
    (vermillion + ostrich +lavan's bleu roi)
  7. OMG aspenmartial...I just read my mom your exciting day at Hermes and now she wants to buy an ostrich bag...probably a 27cm Bolide!! I love classy. My SA,who's French, told me that the women in France prefer Bolides over Kellys. I'm not sure if she is right, never been to France to find out.
    You are soooooo funny!! I love Hermes soooo much too. I'm waiting for an gold ostrich Birkin...can't wait, but the fushia is the best!!
    Enjoy and want to see pics.
  8. Congrats aspen on your new Bolide! It's a beautiful bag. I haven't seen turqouise in a Bolide so I'm curious how it looks like. When I went to buy my Bolide, they also had vermillon and indigo blue.
  9. Congrats!! Love to see pics of your bolide and wallet.
  10. My guess is, yes. I think they only refuse for Birkins and Kellys.
  11. So great!! Can't wait to see pics - love the blue colors (well most all colors actually but really love blue!)
  12. Can't wait to see pics of your purchases. I love Bolides.
  13. an ostrich Bolide is on my fanatsy list right now...shh, DH is sitting right here and I don't want him to know just yet!